ZUK working on their own International ROM, is this the end of Cyanogen cooperation?

zuk z2 pro hands on

Lenovo backed ZUK launched with a bang last year with a low cost flagship boasting Cyanogen OS, however is that cooperation now coming to an end?

ZUK have launched 2 new phones this year, the ZUK Z2 Pro is a Snapdragon 820 flagship with 6GB RAM and 5.2-inch display, and the ZUK Z2 is a slightly smaller Snapdragon 820 phone with 4GB RAM. Both devices have only been launched in China at this time, and both only come with ZUK’s own ZUI 1.9 OS.

This is a similar story as to the ZUK Z1 launch when the Chinese version of the Z1 received ZUI and the International model Cyanogen OS, however this time around the Lenovo backed phone maker has made no official comment if their 2 new devices will get the popular 3rd party system for international buyers.

Another damning piece of news is a new ZUIAndroid website set up by ZUK to show off the features of ZUI 2.0 (coming soon). The site is in English and Chinese, and the official ZUK forums even have a thread open to discuss developer and overseas ROM support.

With ZUK working on their own multilingual overseas operating system it could mean we won’t see CM officially on future ZUK phones launched abroad!

We’re still waiting on an official statement, but what do you potential ZUK owners think of this?

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