LeEco concept phone is basically just a 4K panel

leeco 4k concept

A new concept render from LeEco shows a smartphone that is all 4K display and nothing all else (in terms of physical size at least).

LeEco have reduced bezels as far as they can with their new render for a 4K flagship devices packing all the best bits from the Android smartphone world.

leeco 4k concept

In my opinion the design is be beautiful and even sees the screen extend to the very top of the phone and the main call speak and front camera being located in the viewing area.

The only slight bezel area is on the chin of the phone and just below it (on the bottom edge) are dual speakers and a USB Type C.

leeco 4k concept

The 4K flagship wouldn’t be a true flagship without dual rear cameras, nor a Snapdragon 821 and at least 4GB RAM, all of which the concept has.

This is one of those concepts I would really love to see get made, and looking at LeEco and how they operate they seem like one of the only Chinese brands that could pull it off.

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