Xiaomi wants you to fund its new filter kettle…

After trying their hands at making drones, laptops, screwdrivers, and whatnot (oh, and washing machines), Xiaomi’s newest product happens to be a… kettle. What’s more interesting is that it’s their second kettle this year!

Known as the Super Filter Kettle L1, the $38 (249 yuan) kettle is manufactured by Viomi. There’s nothing too smart or witty about this kettle, however. It’ll simply purify water for you to gulp down.


What it does do though is that it uses its multiple filters and UV (ultraviolet) light to make water fit for drinking. In other words, it does try to up the game from a simple water boiling kettle.

It happens to be one of the few gadgets that Xiaomi produce that doesn’t come with an app of its own.

Worth noting is that Xiaomi don’t produce the Super Filter Kettle L1 themselves, but instead source it from Viomi. That said, Xiaomi are the only channel (their crowdfunding platform, specifically) you can get hold of the Super Filter Kettle L1.

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