WeChat app now allows to officially Sue people inside China

Currently, WeChat is the most used messaging app in the world, with about 980 million of active users around the Globe. Worth to mention the app has a huge presence in China driving a large-scale of users through its social network.

The app has a large gamma of functionality for the users inside the country going from the simple act of sending messages to realizing payment and many other services. Now according to a report, WeChat will receive a new controversial feature which allows the users to file lawsuits.

The new update will allow users to sue people electronically by using the Tencent Messaging App, as well as submitting documents, verify people’s identity, pay legal fees to Beijing Court.

Everything will be performed thanks to a prosecution platform made by Beijing Haidian court built inside the application. The Court took the opportunity to clarify that even everything through the app is made online, the operations are pretty well secured.

The system will use Facial ID, Fingerprint recognition and ID card system to identify with precision a person and only then allow to access the data. After a user submit the documents regarding the lawsuit and its get accepted by the Court, both parties will receive a notification about the process situation.

The new system will directly get in touch with official government department simplifying the process and reducing the necessary timing. WeChat is already used as people’s official ID card in some Chinese provinces being able to replace the standard Chinese government ID card. We just hope that this new way to ease the creation of lawsuits don’t generate an overuse by users simply because then can.

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