LG goes to Reddit for opinions on the notch

Reddit hates the notch, but really, who doesn’t?

The notch is a universally controversial topic when it comes to smartphones these days. It seems like nobody really wants the notch, but every company just needs it on their phones. The P20 and P20 Pro have it, the Oppo F7 has it, the Vivo V9 has it, even the OnePlus 6 will have it. The worst part is that some don’t even have a legitimate reason for it like Oukitel and Elephone, who just see it as a cool trend. At least Apple had a reason for it, even if it does look incredibly jarring.

LG on the other hand seems to be unsure which direction they want to go. The company went ahead to Reddit to ask users for their opinions on notches. Predictably, nobody really wants a notch on their device. The vast majority seem to find the notch outright disgusting, while others just find it somewhat unpleasant to look at. Many even point out that they prefer just a simple top bezel like the Galaxy S9 or the LG V20 solution. Honestly, I find it hard to disagree, especially when there’s no practical reason to have the notch.

LG have since gone and deleted their post, though the entire thread is still available to read right here. We’re not exactly sure why they’ve done it, especially since the user was already verified. We suspect it’s because the LG G7 may already have notched display, as can be seen from its multiple leaks throughout the month. Whatever it means, we really hope LG takes this criticism to heart and don’t just hop on the notch bandwagon needlessly like so many others have.

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