Alleged Xiaomi Foldable Smartphone Leaked in a Video

The tech world has been buzzing about a foldable smartphone for a while. In 2018, it became reality. As you know, the ROYOLE FLEXPAI was announced, becoming the world’s first foldable smartphone. However, it’s not on sale yet, it’s available for pre-order only. And there is every reason to think the Samsung Fold will become the first handset around the globe with such a screen. We have heard too much about it, and its existence causes no doubts. But what about the rest of manufacturers? Say, what about a Xiaomi foldable smartphone?

Just a few hours ago, @evleaks released a video, which shows an alleged Xiaomi foldable smartphone in action. Of course, there is no official information or anything else hinting this is a Xiaomi-branded phone, but the UI of the leaked phone is just similar to what we have seen on other Xiaomi products.

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Though we haven’t heard previously that there is a Xiaomi foldable smartphone in works, it was quite predictable the Chinese tech giant will come in with something like this. On one hand, Xiaomi has been always known for its innovative approaches. On the other hand, all of its competitors have already spotted in various leaks, hinting at foldable handsets.

In this sense, LG, Sony, and Samsung are quite expected to launch smartphones with a folding form factor. We mean, these are display-making companies, and they should bring such technologies to the market. Also, Huawei, OPPO, Meizu, ZTE, and other smartphone makers are said to uncover identical handsets soon. As you can see, the gang’s all here! So it’s more expected to see a Xiaomi foldable smartphone rather than surprising.

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