The US to “clean up China” from its telecommunication network

The 5G competition between China and the United States is intensifying. In addition to blocking Huawei and ZTE from its telecommunication network, the US government will also “clean” Huawei 3G and 4G equipment in the country and completely remove the so-called “risk” vendors such as Huawei. The cost of doing this could eclipse $1 billion.

The US Vs China telecommunication network war

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Not only that, the United States is also considering completely eliminating Chinese-made products in future 5G telecommunication network. This “clean-up” will go beyond products of Huawei and ZTE. In addition, Nokia and Ericsson’s telecom products cannot be produced in China, otherwise, they will not be able to enter the US market. However, we do not know if Apple iPhones produced in China will be able to enter the US.

Since the 150-day review that began after the US cybersecurity issue, the US government is asking telecom equipment vendors to develop hardware and software possibilities for the US market. This includes products such as cellular electronics, routers, switches, and other network products. The report said that the plan is still in an informal stage, and a list of proposed rules and regulations will be submitted before the 150- day deadline, but this decision may take several years to pass.


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  1. Al Lucas
    June 24, 2019

    And the only way to do this starts with invalidating all those Chinese 5G patents which is the true purpose of this whole thing. WTG US military.

    • freedomstolen
      June 25, 2019

      Chinese spying threat has been around for decades now. What has the presidency been doing all these years? Instead of going around waging unnecessary wars (Vietnam, Iraq etc.), all those wasted resources could have been utilized to beef up internal security. I’m not a fan of Trump’s policies, but you can’t deny the fact that Chinese military and their government are scumbags!

  2. Cyril Dieudonne
    June 25, 2019

    I hate Trump, but I hate Huawei even more. And overall, I hate chinese government. So… I won’t cry