Samsung Galaxy S21 Mass-produced Ahead Of Schedule To Seize Huawei Market Gap

Samsung Galaxy S21

Today, we got quite interesting news concerning the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S21 products. As MTN said, quoting sources close to Samsung, as demand for the Galaxy S20 series is still relatively low this year, the electronics giant is speeding up the launch of its follow-up product lines pace. In other words, the Korean manufacturer is more focused on manufacturing the upcoming flagship phones rather than fulfilling the storages of the current models.

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After confirmation, Samsung requires related parts companies to start producing components for the Galaxy S21 one and a half months earlier (from November) than in previous years. The industry believes that this move is to fill the sluggish sales of the previous Galaxy S20. Plus, it should further replace Huawei’s vacancies and seize the ground for the high-end smartphone market.

Samsung Galaxy S21

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The president of a component manufacturer said: ‘Samsung Galaxy S20 has been mass-produced since January this year. But Samsung has requested that the Galaxy S21 be produced one and a half months in advance.’ As we can understand, Samsung Electronics is studying its plans for launch in December and is getting prepared for this.

Is This For The First Time?

The report pointed out that this was to seize the overseas market that Huawei lost due to the ban. We know that Samsung Electronics launched the Samsung Galaxy S7 series as early as 2016. At that time, it launched the Samsung Galaxy S7 series one month in advance. That time, Samsung sold 10 million units in just two weeks, winning the market for Samsung.

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Another relevant person in the parts company said, ‘This is to advance mass production and speed up the listing, preemptively to ensure sales.’ The same source added that ‘there are also reasons for the lack of sales of the Galaxy S20.’

According to the current leaked information, the development code name of the Samsung Galaxy S21 project is ‘pallet‘. It has three sizes: O1, T2 and P3. It is expected to correspond to the basic version, the Plus version and the Ultra version. Moreover, there will be four colors. It is expected to introduce the S pen stylus for the first time. It should hit the market at the end of the year or early next year.

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