Huawei Smart Body Fat Scale 3 Announced At 169 yuan ($25)

Huawei Smart Body Fat Scale 3

On October 30, at the Huawei Mate 40 series conference in China, a large number of smart devices came out together. They include headphones, smart speakers, smart body fat scales, and so on. As we have talked about most of these devices, let’s get acquainted with the key features of the Huawei Smart Body Fat Scale 3.

It supports accurate measurement and professional analysis of 14 items of body data. Also, this body scale supports big data comparison for people of the same age. It is ideal in terms of connectivity. So you can take a look at data anytime from your smartphone. Of course, it brings many suggestions how to stay healthy.

Huawei and the Hefei Institute of Material Science, Chinese Academy of Sciences, jointly developed the Huawei TruFitTM body composition detection algorithm. Based on big data and Al technology, it can more accurately measure the body’s important components such as fat and skeletal muscle mass.

The test data of the Huawei Smart Body Fat Scale 3 was verified by the Hefei Institute of Material Science, Chinese Academy of Sciences. It is compared with the gold standard dual-energy X-ray absorption measurement method-DEXA. The correlation between the fat mass measurement results is greater than 0.922, and the digital correlation is closer 1.

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The Huawei Sports Health App has 200+ training courses, including fat loss and muscle gain. Every bit of change in body index data has historical records.

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After the body fat scale is connected to WiFi, it can directly measure without opening the Huawei Sports Health App. According to historical data, the device smartly identifies family members. So it can automatically synchronize measurement data to the cloud and push to the corresponding account.

Huawei Smart Body Fat Scale 3

In terms of design, the integrated tempered glass scale surface has a simple and elegant texture like jade and a smooth tread. There are also 3.5mm low scale feet and silicone rubber non-slip wear pads.

The measurable range of body weight is 2.5kg-150kg. However, you should know that the scale only support the measurement of weight and heart rate of adolescents under 18 and elderly people over 80, due to their special physique.

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The Huawei Smart Body Fat Scale 3 costs 169 yuan ($25). It will go on sale on November 1.

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