iPhone 12/ 12 Pro users complain about missing messages and message notifications

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The iPhone 12 series sales have been massive, however, this does not mean that this device does not have any issues. The iPhone 12 series comes with a couple of problems some of which need immediate action from Google. According to a recent report, many iPhone 12 users are experiencing Message application problems. Some users complained that they often can not see SMS messages, missed messages in group chats, and do not receive notifications when they get text messages.

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This is the latest complaint about the iPhone 12 series after reports of poor or disappearing signals. As of now, it is not clear whether this issue is related to the iPhone 12 model or the latest iOS 14.1 and iOS 14.2.  Nevertheless, most of the feedback comes from iPhone 12 users as well as a few Pro users. 

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According to reports, some Verizon users have already downloaded the Verizon Message+ app to solve the SMS message problem, but this is not effective for all non-Verizon users. A user also solved this problem by resetting the network settings (Settings-General-Restore-Restore Network Settings), but it did not work for other users.

This issue may require operators to use updated firmware to solve this problem, or Apple needs to fix this problem in an upcoming firmware update. Currently, iOS 14.1 and iOS 14.2 users have reported this issue. Whether the iOS 14.3 Beta released yesterday is affected is still uncertain.

iPhone 12 signal is annoyingly poor

According to the reports, the signal is annoyingly poor in many cases and fluctuates too often. In fact, in some cases, the iPhone 12 is left without any signal. Putting this device in airplane mode does not resolve the issue. You must have to restart the phone to get back a good signal. This is a huge burden for users.

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According to a user, on the iPhone 12 (256GB), at least 8 times in 10 days, there was no signal at all. He had to restart or restore network settings many times to restore the signal. Another Weibo netizen wrote: “N times a day there is no service, and the flight mode is useless. It can only be restarted. What should I do, return, or exchange?”

Apple responds to this issue –  update and reinsert the SIM card

The company has now officially responded to this issue. According to Apple, to clear this issue, users should do the following

  • Put off the phone
  • Remove the SIM card and re-insert it
  • Update the operator settings, and update the system

Apple’s customer service said that it has not received a notification of a hardware problem. This issue is probably associated with the software. The company says that if it is a hardware problem, it will also offer a solution.

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