Redmi K30 Ultra Supports Knuckle Screenshot Function

Redmi K30S Ultra

The Redmi K30S Ultra came on November 1, hitting a record high sales of 100,000 units on the first day. The 8GB+128GB version costs 2,299 yuan ($349), and the 8GB+256GB version comes at 2,499 yuan ($380). In addition to the Snapdragon 865, 144Hz LCD screen, 5G support and other hard-core configurations, there are many other features that make this handset stand out. The knuckle operation function is one of them. Users in the Xiaomi community are looking forward to this function being extended to other models.

Previously, Huawei and VIVO smartphones support knuckle screenshots and other operations. However, according to user feedback, this technology has certain identification problems, and the sensitivity will decrease after the tempered film is attached.

Redmi K30S Ultra Is The Only Xiaomi Phone Supporting Knuckle Screenshot Function

The knuckle operation function of the Redmi K30S Ultra supports knuckle tapping to take screenshots, circle to achieve local screenshots, wake up Xiao Ai voice assistant, long press and drag to adjust screen brightness, and you can also draw V to achieve more custom functions, such as scan code, flashlights, cameras and so on.

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As of now, only the Redmi K30S Ultra of all Xiaomi smartphones supports the knuckle operation function. Even the double-priced Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra does not support such a function. The reason why Xiaomi has been unable to follow up on the operation of the knuckles is probably due to the issue of patent authorization. There were rumors at the beginning of this year that Huawei had bought out the patent for taking screenshots of the knuckles. But with the release of the Redmi K30S Ultra, the rumors disappeared. The Redmi model is used as a preliminary test. If it can solve the patent problem and sensitivity problem. So the knuckle operation is worth extending to more models.

Honor Supports It As Well

In this regard, we have to say the Honor X10 supports a similar function. And when it was out, this function stand over other eye-catching features. That’s why the company has decided to bring it to the Honor 20 and the Honor 9X as well.

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