Smart Speaker Market ‘Dying’: No One Can Save It

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According to the current smart speaker market data, the sales volume has declined by about 20% based on the same period last year. The smart speaker industry has no technological innovation, and the products are in a stagnant situation. Why did the smart speaker industry start to languish? The reasons are as follows:

  • The sound quality of the product is worrying
  • Currently, smart speakers still have many shortcomings.

For smart speakers, its sound quality requirements are definitely the most important feature. But the current smart speakers are mainly focusing on price. So the low price cannot guarantee excellent sound quality.

And there are many smart speakers on the market that are more inclined to pursue its rich and diverse functions. But in general, the goal of reducing costs affects the sound quality. As a result, the user experience is greatly reduced.

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No matter whether it is smart or not, a speaker is a speaker, and sound is the most important consideration for users.

There are not many functions in smart speakers

The current smart speakers cannot carry out relatively complex instructions. They can only conduct simple conversations with users. But their conversations do not contain any emotions. That’s why, in time, the use frequency decreases.

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Incomplete ecological matching of smart home products

Many users buy smart speakers that can do only a couple of things. Although some manufacturers such as Xiaomi have built a complete smart home appliance ecosystem, they rely on the dialogue of smart speakers to control the home appliances in the house.

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However, the vast majority of smart audio products only support a very small number of home appliances. Plus, there are many inconveniences in use. This cannot attract users to build smart home solutions in more depth during decoration.

The bottom line

The decline of the smart speaker industry is conditioned by little use scenarios and low quality. As a chain reaction, it affects the demand; in its turn, this affects the sales; there are not many investments; so there will be no innovations.

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