Huawei will employ special strategies to extend the lifespan of its smartphones

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Chinese manufacturing giant, Huawei, is currently fighting for survival in the smartphone market. The company has since stated that it is not competing in the smartphone market, it is just trying to survive. Huawei’s HiSilicon can design advanced chips with 5nm or even 3nm technology. However, due to the U.S. ban on Huawei, the company is currently unable to manufacture these chips. The Kirin 9000 was the company’s last chip and this processor has since been out of stock. This has a significant impact on Huawei’s smartphone business.

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How will Huawei’s mobile phone business develop without its self-developed chips? Huawei has repeatedly stated that it will not give up or sell the mobile phone business and will continue to develop. Recently, some experts revealed the development strategy of Huawei’s mobile phone business.

According to experts, due to the absence of chips, Huawei’s strategy is to improve the performance and experience of mobile phones with software. The company will use this special strategy to extend the lifespan of Huawei’s mobile phones. This will also increase the number of users that will stick to Huawei’s smartphones.

The release of the open-source mobile phone operating system means that other mobile phone brands can also use the HarmonyOS system. The purpose is to maintain the number of users so that the future Huawei mobile phone chip research and development can be better connected.

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Some time ago, Huawei obtained a 4G Qualcomm chip, which will also extend the life of Huawei brand mobile phones. This will give the company an additional two or three years.

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HarmonyOS – a new strategy for Huawei

The stock of Huawei mobile phones currently in use is about 350 million. The number of users that currently have the HarmonyOS 2 system is over 120 million. By the end of the year, the number of HarmonyOS 2 users on smartphones may reach between 200 million and 250 million.

The company officially released the HarmonyOS system on June 2nd. In the first week, by June 9, we already had over 10 million HarmonyOS users. In two weeks, this operating system had over 18 million users. After a month of upgrade, HarmonyOS had over 25 million users. Before the end of July, this figure increased to over 40 million. In less than two months, as of early August, this operating system had over 50 million users. As of August 30th, HarmonyOS had over 70 million active users. However, a few days later (September, 2nd), the company announced that it has over 90 million users.

As of September 13th, HarmonyOS users officially exceeded 100 million. Now, the latest report shows that HarmonyOS now has well over 120 million users.

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