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Top 5 Chinese Smartphones for Under $500 – July 2019

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Top 5 Chinese Smartphones for Under $200 – July 2019

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Top 5 Chinese Smartphones for Under $100 – July 2019

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One of Oppo’s very first phones, the Oppo Smile gets a 2013 makeover with a large touchscreen display and super narrow borders. If you have …

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Chinese start up 7659 creates web based pirated iOS App store and iTunes alternative which doesn’t require a jailbreak!

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To say that a phone is a true rival to the UMi X2 is quite a claim, but when it comes to Kai Q8 we …

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Over the past week a few leaked pictures of the mystery Oppo R809T have been posted which show a 6.13mm phone which looks a lot …

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The long long wait is almost over and the UMi X2 is not showing up on Chinese sites in unboxing articles, the first of which notes the curved Gorilla Glass display on the phone.

Zopo’s high-end, quad-core 1080 Android smartphone called the Zopo ZP980 has been officially launched, but unlike most Chinese phones is available internationally. At a price!

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Xiaomi have readied a record 200,000 Xiaomi M2s phones for fans to directly buy in what could be a change in marketing for the Chinese startup!

DOOV are one of the popular Chinese brands that we don’t get to hear about all that often. Their phones are usually available in stores …

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May is fast approaching meaning the JiaYu G4 will be going on sale very soon, unless there are further issues, and it’s great to see …

If the white Umi X2 doesn’t look quite classy enough for you then you might want to hold off until the stylish carbon black UMi X2 launches!

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Alibaba are really pushing their custom version of Android named Aliyun and recently launched 6 new phones running the OS, one of them being the …

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Way back in October we reported that Bovo technologies had a 4.5-inch, quad-core MTK phone on the horizon with 13 mega-pixel camera! 6 months on and we finally get an official release date and more details.

The cat is out of the bag, as someone has posted a leaked photo of the Pantech Vega Iron plus renders of the phone in …

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Oppo’s 6.13mm Oppo R809T has been spotted in the wild once again, this time posing with a cup of Chinese tea to give us a …

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The popular Oppo Find 5 has received a price cut on China’s popular 360buy website.

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It’s been a trying few months for developers of quad-core MT6589 phone, their handwork is paying off now though as quad-core Chinese phones with 2GB RAM are now arriving on the market with the first being the Big Cola 2.

Umi, you are no longer a no name brand, but an up an coming international phone company, so try to act like one!

Another long overdue flagship Chinese phone is showing signs of life! Screenshots from the Neo N003 suggest that this quad-core, 1080p phone isn’t just super …

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UMi look to be on track to launch their flagship phone either later this month or early next month, and screenshots of the phone UMi …

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THL are one of the larger Android smartphone makers in China, and their flagship THL W8 is now available for international buyers to purchase online. …