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The ZUK Edge unveiling invitations have been sent out, and with this, the ZUK Edge is now set to launch on the 7th of December. In other words, tomorrow.

ZUK Edge

New leaked photos of the upcoming Lenovo ZUK Edge. From the photos we see the curved screen rumors have been proved wrong.

The nano cousin of the Mi Mix, aka the ZUK Edge is all set to be launched in China in a week’s time.

ZUK Edge

Lenovo’s ZUK might be releasing another amazing smartphone — ZUK Edge — very soon, it’ll most likely feature a curved display, and the Snapdragon 820.

zuk z2 pro hands on

The Lenovo Z2 Plus is all set to be announced in India next month. Will it be a rebranded ZUK Z2 Pro?

zuk z2 rio

Just as Xiaomi was wowing fans with their new Redmi Pro and Notebook, newcomers ZUK were also hosting a surprise launch of their own.

zuk zui 2.0

If you are the owner of either the ZUK Z2 Pro or the Z2, then the update to ZUI 2.0 is set to bring some decent speed performance updates.

6GB RAM, Snapdragon 820, fingerprint scanner and amazing 13 mega-pixel sensor with F1.8 aperture. Buy the ZUK Z2 Pro now from

zuk z2 pro review

Full in depth review of the flagship ZUK Z2 Pro 6GB RAM, Snapdragon 820 powered flagship smartphone.

zuk z2 pro hands on

Last week I received a ZUK Z2 Pro, which meant I could use it during my short trip to the Scottish Highlands. See what I think of this flagship killer after a few days of use.

zuk z2 sale

ZUK’s second new phone of the year will go on sale today, and is expected to sell out fast!

zuk z2 pro hands on

Lenovo backed ZUK launched with a bang last year with a low cost flagship boasting Cyanogen OS, however is that cooperation now coming to an …

zuk z2 pro hands on

It’s been a while, but yesterday I finally received our ZUK Z2 Pro Ultimate (yes with 6GB RAM!) to review from The ZUK Z2 …

zuk z2

Priced at only 1799 Yuan the ZUK Z2 not only costs less than the Xiaomi Mi5 with the same Snapdragon 820 but it also undercuts the Z2 Pro with similar specs!

zuk z2 invite

There is know no doubt in our minds that the ZUK Z2 will feature a Snapdragon 820 chipset, but the real question is why?

zuk z2 tenaa

Not to be confused with the ZUK Z2 Pro, the ZUK Z2 is still very much unknown, or at lest it was until this TENAA …

zuk z2 pro

ZUK have seen stock of their ZUK Z2 Pro Ultimate dry up in just 4 minutes this morning, leaving plenty of unhappy fans waiting for …

zuk z2 snapdragon

Despite rumours of a Samsung chipset, the latest teaser for the upcoming ZUK Z2 is contains Qualcomm Snapdragon branding.

zuk z2

Quick tell us which companies currently use Samsung SOC’s? If you said Samsung and Meizu then you would be right, but soon your answer will also include ZUK.

zuk z2

When ZUK launched the Z2 Pro we did wonder why they had jumped straight to a ‘Pro’ model, well that question has been answered with …