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Small foldable pocket drones are the talk of the town lately, because you can easily take them with you anywhere so your little hobby flying …

DJI Phantom 4

Drones from the DJI brand are pretty much the cream of the crop of the whole RC quadcopter industry and their high-end DJI Phantom 4 …

Xiaomi Mi Drone

Ever wanted to jump into the more and more popular drone hobby and soar high with your little quadcopter taking pictures and videos in 4K …

Hubsan H507A

Another interesting small drone is on the menu tonight, but this time we won’t be taking a look at the ultra budget options, but rather …


Drone business is on the rise and the popularity of small pocket drones is at its peak, because it’s so easy to carry something portable …

Mavic Pro

For the drone enthusiasts the range of the drones on the market is quite vast and it can be sometimes overwhelmingly complex. There are cheap …

Geekbuying Fan Festival

Drones are for many people more than just a hobby and to get the best for their beloved flying beasts is just a way of …

This new JJRC drone that costs just $45 tries to emulate the foldable form factor of the hugely popular Zerotech Dobby!

DJI Mavic Pro

DJI officially unveils they first ever foldable drone. Let’s check the small but powerful DJI Mavic Pro!

DJI Mavic

More images of DJI’s foldable drone leaked. Is the DJI Mavic actually coming? If so, when? Let’s find out more about the drone!

The DJI Mavic is an upcoming quadcopter drone with a foldable design, 4K camera an more. Here are some leaked photos of the drone!

zerotech dobby drone review

A few months ago we posted some news about a new start up in China who were funding a mini foldable drone, well it’s been …

This was a little of an unexpected surprise, imagine my shock when the DHL bloke showed up with this large box containing the newly launched …

mito beauty drone

Mito, the smartphone maker known for it’s smartphones with camera features are now rumoured to be working on a new type of drone.

dobby drone China

Chinese start-up Dobby are crowdfunding a drone in China that can fold up and fit in your pocket and will cost just $260.

xiaomi drone teaser video

A 20 second long teaser video shows some of the features of Xiaomi’s upcoming drone.

xiaomi drone teaser

Drone fans and Xiaomi fans combined will want to pen in the 25th May as this is the date that Lei Jun and co will …

xiaomi drone

There has been a lot of talk over the possibility of a Xiaomi drone, now a teaser posted moments ago seems to finally officially confirm the device.

dji phantom standard 3 review 5

Xiaomi’s rumoured drone made a surprise appearance in the menu of their online forums today.