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Here Are The TOP 9 Customer Satisfaction Smartphone Brands

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UHANS’ newly launched A101 shows its toughness in a drop test against the legendary unbreakable Nokia 3310. Will the legend live on? Let’s check out the …

meizu max

Meizu are embarking on one of their questionable marketing strategies again, and handing out Nokia phones to the Chinese media.

The upcoming Uhans A101 already stirred up some controversies, because the manufacturer keeps releasing a bit conflicting statements about the actual design inspirations and such. …

Uhans engineers are working right on the first model of the “A” line and the Uhans A101 looks like a small and decent tribute to …

zte attack meizu

It appears there is no love lost between ZTE and Meizu, as the global phone giant attack the Zhuhai based phone maker with launch invitations for their latest ZTE V5 model.

meizu nokia launch

Meizu have sent out invitations to the launch of the Meizu m2 containing the classic Nokia 1110 in the box.

meizu mx4 pro review

An exciting rumour that Meizu and Nokia could be working together has been debunked today by non other than Meizu VP Li Nan.

meizu MX4 review

Chinese news sites are reporting that Meizu are rumoured to be working with Nokia on a new international version of the Meizu MX4 named the “Supreme”.

After months of being showcased, the Nokia N1 is finally official in China with a lucrative price tag.

The Nokia N1 is on the brink of its release. Do you think the tablet has enough to challenge the mighty Xiaomi Mi Pad?


Today in Chengdu, Meizu’s Flyme team outlined their planned expansion for the Flyme ROM and which device we can expect to see the ROM ported too.

Two of Nokia’s next-gen smartphones, the Lumia 630 and the Lumia 930 just went official. Succeeding the Lumia 625 and the Lumia 925 respectively, both devices get bumps in specs sheet to match those from other manufacturers.

windows phone

Mircosoft has signed a deal with Indian phone makers Lava and Karbonn, which will allow the companies to use Windows Mobile with no licensing fees!

nokia x network

Nokia’s long awaited and first Android phone was unveiled at MWC and has now come to China to get it’s Network approval.

Jingdong ( will be the exclusive retailer of the Nokia X, Nokia X+ and Nokia XL in China. The Android phones won’t be sold officially at any retail stores in China.

nokia X android mwc luanch

Nokia have announced the Nokia X and X+ Android phones at a press event at Mobile World Congress.

nokia x

Rumours of an Android powered Nokia phone could be true as more leaked details and even a purported photo sample from the Nokia X turn up.

The long rumored and often leaked Nokia Lumia ICON finally got outed for good with the leak to end all leaks. Images and specs of the site appeared on a verizon site.

Nokia Lumia 520’s 1GB RAM avatar, the Lumia 525, is now on sale in China for just ¥629 ($100)!

Nokia could be the next brand working on wearable technology if these leaked spy photos are of the Nokia smartwatch as they claim to be!