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Zeblaze Cosmo

While checking out the latest Cubot offers for this week, we also stumbled across a similar flash sale for the Zeblaze Cosmo smartwatch.

Elephone have sent over the Elephone W2 wearable to take a look at, here’s our unboxing and first impressions.

Aiwatch are dead set on releasing an Apple Watch 2 before Apple even have a chance and as well as beginning presales of their wearable have sent over this intro video.

Officially announced last week and finally listed with full specs today, the Elephone W2 gets impressive claimed battery life.

Doogee’s first wearable is actually more like a mini smartwatch for your wrist and has support for mobile networks and even a camera. We’ve seen …

No.1 have zeroed in on a Samsung wearable once again for inspiration for their latest wearable. Wearable (and rugged phone) maker, No.1 have released a …

Wearable specialists Zeblaze are now selling their latest Mediatek powered watch online through resellers.

elephone w2

The Elephone W2 mixes a traditional watch with connectivity and smart features, and we have the first unboxing photos here.

elephone w2

For those of you interested in Elephant’s Elephone W2 watch then here are a few first real photos of the device that mixes tradition with technology.

zeblaze cosmo wearable

The latest wearable from Zeblaze will feature a new charging solution to ensure the watch will keep as much moisture out as possible.

k8 android smartwatch

How much would a smartphone and smarwatch cost you? well take a look at the K8 which combines features of the two for significantly less. …

elephone w2

It was revealed a short while back that Elephone were working on a couple of wearables, and today more details of the Elephone W2 watch have been revealed.

zeblaze cosmo

Zeblaze are ending the year with the release of another wearable named the Zeblaze Cosmo, another devices with classic watch design and smart wearable features. …

We’re not sure how many of you are looking to own a Bi-color injected moulded wearable, but we’re sure some of you might be interested in saving a few dollars on the latest Zeblaze Crystal.

oukitel a29 wearable

Oukitel are following the current trend of phone makers building wearables. The new A29 builds on the A28 with a new design and added call support.

no1 d3 wearable

No.1’s D3 wearable looks like and boasts features like most other budget wearables but this $22.99 smartwatch also packs a built-in call feature.

oukitel a29

Ever wanted to head out for the day and leave your phone behind but make sure you don’t miss any calls? Oukitel hope so so are producing the Oukitel A29 watch with call support.

The No.1 S3 smartwatch has the looks of the Huawei Watch but bests the Android Wear watch in functionality.

elephone smartwatch

Elephone are taking another crack at the smartwatch market with the elegant Ele Watch coming soon.

Smartwatch maker Zeblaze have teamed up with online resellers to offer their newest wearable at a cut down price for a limited time only.