Confirmed: Meizu M9II In Development!

Meizu M9II spy shot
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Meizu M9II spy shot 300x191 Confirmed: Meizu M9II In Development!Meizu may have laid there aging M8 to rest and may also be suffering with supply problems from Japan, but that hasn’t stopped the smart phone maker from putting their next generation Meizu M9II in to development!

It is hoped that the M9II will get a front facing video chat camera, 8 mega-pixel rear camera, LED flash and a faster dual-core CPU.

The only detail we can confirm is that the M9II is in development, but when we might see it in stores (or the current M9 for that matter) is anyone’s guess!

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  • joshua

    we need DUAL SIM PHONES

    • Andi

      I’ll be happier if the M9 was a little more stable…….