BBK Vivo X1 launches today at the Beijing Watercube MT6577 with Jelly Bean

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The launch of the BBK Vivo X1, aka the world’s thinnest Android phone is upon us, so what can we expect from today’s launch?

The Vivo X1 is a 6.55mm thin Android phone from the Chinese electronics brink BBK. The X1 isn’t the companies first phone but it is likely the model which propels the company in to the mainstream thanks to its impressive design and specification.

Measuring in at just 6.55mm thin is pretty outstanding on its own however the X1 manages this while maintaining a 8 mega-pixel rear camera which sits flush with the rear of the phone, the Oppo Finder 3 measured in at 6.65mm but its camera protruded.

BBK have given the X1 a dual-core MTK6577 CPU, 1GB RAM a HD display and it has also been leaked that the phone might come with Android Jelly Bean 4.1 too along with improved media playback especially for music files.

Like the Meizu MX2 the Vivo X1 will be launched at the Beijing Watercube. If you are in Beijing why not pop down at 18:55 and check the launch out, you might even get to see the rumoured Vivo X3 quad-core at the launch!

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    It will be sold in Uredeal?

    • Andi

      No idea