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All Google Services Blocked in China!?

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We’ve been experiencing problems with over the past week but put it down to slow internet, however today reports are flooding in that many Google services and even VPN’s have been blocked in China!

5 things I hope Chinese phone brands will stop doing!

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There is no doubt in my mind that Chinese phone brands will rule the international phone market in a few years, but before they have dominated there are a few things they need to work on

Gizchina is offering Free Advertising for Startups!

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So you have a great startup? you’re on to the next Facebook, you have developed a Weibo beater! But where to advertise? Easy! Advertise on Gizchina for FREE!!

Freebao is a Chinese Facebook Clone with hints of Twitter and Google Plus

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There have been plenty of Chinese Facebook clones, Twitter knock off’s and Pinterest wannabes in China, but Freebao represent the first time aspects of all social sites have been worked in to one! and for the better!

What Happened When Steve Jobs Met With China’s Tudou CEO?

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gary wang,tudou ceo,meeting with steve jobs,steve jobs in china,steve jobs and wang wei

For those of you who don’t know Tudou is one of China’s video sharing sites, it along with Youku and many others have been making millions in China, thanks partly due to their pirated movies and TV shows, but largely due to Google’s Youtube service being blocked in China. Read the story of Gary Wang, […]

China’s National ‘No Car Day’ Has No Takers

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china no car day 2011 heavy traffic

  I didn’t know this when I jumped in to my Chinese made jalopy to head to the office in downtown Qingdao, but today is China’s official National ‘Car Free Day’. It looks like no one else new, or didn’t care either!

Chinese Nazi Cosplay Marriage!

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chinese nazi wedding

For any woman in the world the biggest day of their life is their wedding day (so I’ve been told). So what better way to remember the happiest day of your life than dressing up like Hitler!

Worlds Tallest Ferris Wheel Opening 1st September in Guangzhou

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worlds tallest ferris wheel china

If you thought Ferris wheels are for wimps, or that the slowing moving giant wheels are more boring than watching paint dry, then you have obviously not seen the awesomeness of the worlds tallest Ferris wheel in Guangzhou China!

China Unleashes Cat Army on Rodent Invaders!

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Chinese military pussy

We don’t tend to use the terms ‘hundreds of’, ‘stray cats’, ‘organized’, ‘cat army’ together, in fact before today we swear those words were only ever used together in the plot of a poorly made 80’s ‘B’ movie! But it seems the Chinese government have actually mobilised a stray cat army to take on a […]

Forget Fake Apple Stores, China Now Has Fake Divorces!

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chinese divorce and marrigae certificate

Married Chinese couples are paying up to 20,000 Yuan ($3100) for fake divorce papers so they can buy second and third homes.

Angry Birds Mooncakes On Sale in Hong Kong

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Angry Bird mooncakes hong kong

Rovio’s Angry Birds game has long been a popular choice for casual gamers across the globe and has now been honoured by being turned in to Mooncakes for this year’s Mid Autumn day festival!

Chinese ‘Auntie’ Creates Anti-Tanning Swimsuit!

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chinese lady homemade swimsuit

Hailing from the same seaside city as Gizchina, ‘Swimsuit Auntie’ has fast become an internet celebraty thanks to her unusual yet affective anti-tanning swimsuit.

China Turns Old Soviet Aircraft Carrier in to 5 Star Hotel

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former soviet unioin aircraft carrier hotel china

China’s military may be pleased with their new naval aircraft carrier, but it’s not the only one in China, as Tianjin city has just unveiled its very own aircraft carrier hotel!

Sina Weibo Reaches 140 Million Users, Gets a Plane Named After It!

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Sina’s Weibo micro blogging network is an official bonafide success. Latest figures suggest that the Twitter-like social networking service reached a staggering 140 million users at the end of April, and that number is still skyrocketing!

Foxconn Worker Commits Suicide In Chengdu

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foxconn suicide chengdu

An employee of Foxconn in Chengdu, China commited suicide earlier today. This is the 13th suicide in a year involving a worker from the Taiwanese electronics giant who makes iPad’s and iPhones for Apple and other equipment for Sony and Dell.

LinkedIn Planning To Expand In China

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LinkedIn possibly expanding in China.

Where as social networking sites Facebook and Twitter were blocked long ago in China, LinkedIn, a professional social networking site have managed to keep access to Chinese subscribers open, and are now looking at ways to expand in the country.

Chinese Engineer Builds Worlds First Alien Hotel

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chinese ufo hotel

Jin Fan, a 70 year old engineers from Liaoning Province, has long been a believer in UFO’s and alien life and actually formed the Dalian UFO Research Society way back in 1984.

Blogger Discovers Ancient Chinese ‘Angry Bird’

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ancient chinese angry bird

This mighty fine looking ‘space owl’ currently on display at Shanxi Museum is actually a 3000 year old drinking vessel from the late Shang Dynasty and is actually known as Xiaoyou.

Biggest Fossilized Spider Discovered in China

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biggest spider fossil found in China

Although I find the 8 legged insect munchers terrifying, I’m also fascinated about the hairy backed wall climbing horrors so news that the discovery of the largest known spider fossil was found in China both horrified and excited me!

Fake Beef Found in Chinese Markets and Restaurants

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chemical used to change chicken to beef

The Department of Industry and Commerce in Hefei, China have recently discovered a ‘beef extract’ that can be used to give chicken meat or pork the look and flavor of beef.