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Xiaomi condemns counterfeits like biggest culprits for low sales.

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Xiaomi the more influent Chinese smartphone company who become the first on china sales, now faces a very familiar enemy of the bigger ones. Counterfeits. Last year Xiaomi announced the Mi Power Bank battery pack for smartphones and tablets, for a very low price, the product has been highly accepted and the company expected to […]

No.1 have their Samsung Galaxy S6 clone ready for release

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no1 galaxy s6 clone

No.1 get back to their clone roots with a knock off version of the Samsung Galaxy S6 which they say they are ready to launch!

All those Huawei Mate 7 Compact “leaks” were actually the Landvo L600S

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leaksfly fake huawei leak

Over the past week we saw a number of purported spy photos of a 5-inch version of the Huawei Mate 7. Today, we reveal that those “leaks” were not a Compact Mate 7 but photos of the new 5-inch Landvo L600S.

Warning: JiaYu warn of fake JiaYu G4S and G5S models flooding the market

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fake jiayu g4s aliexpress

It’s not only the big name brands that get cloned, but also popular devices from brands like JiaYu who are warning customers to be vigilant when ordering G4S and G5S models from China.

How to tell if your Xiaomi power bank is fake

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fake xiaomi powerbank

The popularity of the low-cost 10400mAh Xiaomi power bank in China has seen knock-off versions of the battery pack spring up from clone makers. So how do you find out if you have real battery or a clone?

Xiaomi releases app which helps you discover if your phone is fake

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xiaomi identification app

Apple, HTC and Samsung aren’t the only ones who have to contend with clone makers, Xiaomi have also been working to fight them for a long time and have released an app to help worried customers.

Chinese clone makers produces palm sized iPhone 5S mini

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iphone 5s mini clone

With a larger screen iPhone 6 phones on the horizon could Apple find themselves in the need to create mini iPhone in the future? Chinese clone makers seem to think so and have forged ahead to create one.

GuoMobile first phone is a fake HTC One with CM OS and Qualcomm chipset!

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guomobile g1 jelly g1

Does China really need another smartphone brand? Jelly Mobile believe yes and in particular there is room in the market for a low-cost Qualcomm equipped device like the Guomobile G1.

GooPhone to release dual-core, 3G smartwatch

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goophone smartwatch

GooPhone are very well known for making fake Apple and Samsung phones, but they aren’t really known for keeping up with technological trends which makes their smartwatch announcement all the more surprising!

Zopo say this isn’t their next generation 8-core phone, so then what is it?

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zopo zp1000 8-core

Chinese tech sites are saying that these photos show the 8-core Zopo ZP1000, but speaking with Zopo officials they claim the news it fake and there is now ZP1000, so what are we looking at?

Warning: Beware 8-core, LTE phones with mega specs such as this iPhone 5S clone

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iphone 5s clone 8-core

8-core fever is gripping the Chinese phone world, manufacturers, customers and even stores can’t wait to get their hands on the latest 8-core MT6592 phones which has led to some very misleading review and descriptions such as this for for a knock off iPhone 5S.

Snapdragon 800 WCDMA Xiaomi Mi3 turns up likely fake Amazon advert

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wcdma xiaomi mi3 amazon China

Xiaomi Mi3 turns up on Amazon China sporting Snapdragon 800 CPU, WCDMA support and hefty price tag!

Fake iPhone causes in-flight problems in China

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goophone 5c iphone clone

Aviation Police in China were called out to a flight landing in Guiyang after a passenger’s fake iPhone interfered with the landing and guidance systems on her flight.

Is this a hat tip to the Xiaomi tablet launch? Xiaomi say no!

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xiaomi tablet invitation

Yesterday evening Chinese tech sites were reporting that Xiaomi had sent out invitations to next week launch in tablet size boxes.

$99 GooPhone 5C iPhone 5C Clone to launch in September

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goophone 5c iphone clone

Chinese clone maker GooPhone are at it again with news claiming that they will be ready to launch a GooPhone 5C iPhone 5C clone in September!

Knock-off JiaYu G4 costs almost double the price of the real thing!

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knock off jiayu g4 hero

This knock-off JiaYu G4 available in China claims to have the same specifications and the G4 Advanced buy costs almost double the price!

Purported Meizu MX3 leak looks fake to us

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purported meizu mx3 leak

Yesterday news of Meizu’s entry-level “Blue Charm” phone hit the headlines, and today its the turn of the Meizu MX3. The leaked photo, posted on Sina Weibo, shows a current generation Meizu MX2 with 4.4-inch display sat next to what Chinese tech sites are saying is the next generation Meizu MX3 with 5-inch+ display (right). […]

Fake Dr. Dre Beats headphones cost just $3 in China!

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fake beats headphones china

Before ordering a shiny new pair of Dr. Dre Beats headphones from China you had better check they are the real deal as knock-off versions are showing up online from as little as $3!

JiaYu warn of fake online stores! Official JiaYu Distributors listed here!

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official jiayu distributors

JiaYu contacted us concerned that customers may be scammed by fake resellers. Here is the official list of JiaYu distributors for around the globe!

Samsung Galaxy S4 renders are fake!

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evleaks samsung galaxy s4 render

Did you read our post earlier today about the Samsung Galaxy S4 renders and absolutely hate the design? Then you are in luck as they have been proven to be fake!