China Goes Potty For High Tech Toilets

The property boom in China is still booming with house prices rising way above what the average home buyer could possibly afford.
The boom and rising property prices have also sparked an interest in luxury house fittings. The most popular areas where Chinese home owners are attempting to out do loo one another are the kitchen and the bathroom.
Most younger generation Chinese were brought up using a squat toilet, but now they are outfitting their own homes most have chosen Western style bathrooms and toilets.
There are however, some who are willing to pay extra for their loo’s and are opting for high tech toilet systems with built in hot air driers, air fresheners, bidets, water saving features, ultra quiet flushing, heated seats and even multi media centers. These high tech toilets range from $150 to a staggering $6000.
Toto a Japanese based luxury toilet maker have seen demand double from 2004 to this year for their designs which start at roughly $400.
The toilet and porcelain industry has seen huge growth since foreign companies have been allowed to enter the market. An estimated 19 toilets are sold annually in China 5% of which are luxury high tech items.

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