Chinese Apple Shoppers Told iPhone 5 Is Coming Next Month

iPhone 5 speculation has got to whirling dervish proportions with the majority of tech blogs claiming the iPhone 5 will ship in September despite news, and recently leaked pictures, that 64Gb white iPhone’s with iOS 5 will launch in June!

The latest news comes from Chinese shoppers who have been told by sales people at Qingdao branches of China Unicom;

“There will be no more iPhone 4’s on sale due to the launch of the iPhone 5 next month”

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Although it’s unlikely a sales person at mobile phone store would be privy of the Apple iPhone 5 launch schedule, the news does tally up with reports of Apple stores in Shanghai lifting restrictions on iPhone 4 sales and rumors that China Unicom are clearing stock of iPhone 4’s in preparation for the iPhone 5 launch.

More iPhone 5 launch news, or is it white iPhone 4 news, or iOS 5 news? As we get it!

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  1. Sergio Carro
    September 22, 2011

    I am interested to buy iPhone 5 to low cost and ipad 2.


    • September 22, 2011

      Me too! Let me know if you find some 😉