JiaYu G3 Unboxing Video!

Although JiaYu haven’t started to ship out the dual-core G3’s which were pre-ordered yesterday, lucky media types across China have been receiving their test units all week (lucky …..) Keep reading to watch the unboxing video!

If the date on the video is to believed this lucky chap received his JiaYu G3 while the rest of China tried desperately to log on to JiaYu’s website and order one of these 4.5 inch, alloy beauties!

From the JiaYu G3 unboxing video below we can see the phone arrives in a sort of plastic ‘lunch box’ container rather than in the traditional cardboard packaging most phone manufacturers choose to use to protect their products.

jiayu g3 close up photos

I know it’s only the packaging but it looks a little cheap and tacky to me, although it does let you check to see if you new phone has arrived in good condition or not before opening it up which is sort of useful.

We also get to see the various accessories for the G3 along with the large 2750mAh battery!

Ths same luck (ba…..) has also been helpful enough to take a lot of very good close up photos of the G3 to give us all an idea of the quality of manufacturer and finish. I’ll be uploading those photos later tonight so keep posted!


JiaYu G3 Unboxing Video


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