Gizchina’s Top 10 Chinese phones for $200 Ultimate Buyers Guide

It’s a fact that the phones available from China today a lightyears ahead of those from just 12 months ago! And the great news for us is as quality and performance increase, prices are decreasing! Here are Gizchina’s top 10 Chinese phones for $200.

What you should expect from a $200 Chinese phone

A $200 Chinese phone gets you a lot of phone for not much money. For this price you should expect at least a 4inch screen or bigger (although we do have a 3.5 inch retina display on the list), a dual-core CPU in the form of an MT6577 processor and rear camera of up to 8 mega-pixels.

newman n1 dual core top 10 chinese phones

Remember though that these bargain phones are very cheap and usually out spec foreign brands of the same cost, and to do this corners are sometimes cut (resolution or RAM) or they might not work on 3G networks in every country.


About this list

I’ll be writing these phones in no particular order, they are all great in their own right you should check the specs carefully and choose the one which suits you best.

xiaomi m1s dual-core released qualcomm scorpion

Not all the phones here are $200 some are less and others a little bit more. If I have included a phone with a higher price it’s because I believe it is worth the extra, but don’t worry they are all around our $200 target price.


Gizchina’s Top 10 Chinese phone for $200


So let’s get started on our Top 10 Chinese phones for $200 ultimate list!
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