JiaYu G3 delayed again this time we get a ridiculous excuse!

We’ve heard some great excuses to come from Chinese phone brand JiaYu to explain away the various problems and delays for their JiaYu G3 phone, but the latest reason for delay is an absolute classic!

The last we heard of the JiaYu G3 was that the 2nd round of orders would arrive with customers this Friday (17th October) but low and behold another delay has arisen!

According to this forum post over on the JiaYu forums (Thanks for the tip Simeon) JiaYu are claiming that the protective covers for the G3 have been delayed and the company won’t be sending the phones out without them!

To try to make up for the delay JiaYu say that they will give the case to customers for free once they arrive, but customers are still  expected to wait for the covers to arrive before they even get the chance to see their long overdue dual-core JiaYu G3 phones!

jiayu g3 release date delayed

As you would expect customers patience are wearing a bit thin with some saying that they will happily pay for the accessories if they can just have their phone shipped to them on the date JiaYu had promised!

What do you guys think?Is this a valid excuse from JiaYu or does it seem a bit like bull?


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