Vivo X1 spy photos see it compared with iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S3

BBK look to be seriously wanting to take on the big guns with their super thin Vivo X1 Android smartphone, and it looks like they have been comparing the new dual-core phone against rivals such as the iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S3.

BBK’s range of Vivo Android phones is going to capture a whole new market both domestically and internationally next month when the company finally releases their dual-core MT6577 Vivo X1, and possible quad-core Snapdragon powered Vivo X3.

As we all know the Vivo X1 will be the thinnest Android smartphone available in the world once it is available for sale as it’s wafer thin body measures less than even the svelte Oppo Finder 3!

 vivo x1 vs samsung galaxy x3 and htc 1x

Gizchina News of the week

Someone at BBK has managed to leak these photos of the 6.55mm Vivo X1 in a comparison with the iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S3. It’s a shame that the photos don’t show just how thin the phone is compared to it’s rivals, but we do get a good idea of the overall size of the phone.

The Vivo X1 will go on sale next month and comes equipped with a dual-core MT6577 CPU, 1GB RAM, 8 mega-pixel rear camera (which sits flush with the body!), 4.7 inch display, 2000mAh battery and a pair to quality headphones!

vivo x1 vs iphone 5


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  1. teja
    October 25, 2012

    Andi , any news on price of this phone ?

    • October 25, 2012

      It might be as high as 2500 Yuan. I’m getting conflicting reports and don’t know if this is the price for the X1 or X3.

      • Martin
        October 26, 2012

        And what day is it expected to launch in November?
        Assuming the awesome VIVO X3 will launch alongside, and that the specs are confirmed, I really couldn’t choose between the Find 5 and the X3.

        Just a question though. If the VIVO has a 1080p screen, does it mean it will hve the same 440ppi of the HTC J Butterfly and OPPO Find5?


        • olivier
          October 26, 2012

          I think it’s the same screen !!!

  2. olivier
    October 25, 2012

    expensive for a mediatek processor :/

  3. October 26, 2012

    i would get it in a heartbeat . pure sex.

  4. Martin
    October 26, 2012

    It’s a pity for the processor but aw…it so slim.
    If the design was a little bit better I woild absolutely get it…

  5. Henry
    October 26, 2012

    Typical product from China. Looks incredible but once you turn it on you realize you’ve been robbed!! If you want a brick in a box at least give your money to some poor kid in the projects not to a potential adversary. Don’t buy inferior products from our enemy.

    • Paul
      October 27, 2012

      The thing is you should quit buying anything atall. nowadays everything is coming from china, nike’s shoes china since the 80’s, i would like to tell you more but im currently sick at the moment.

    • manitoba
      October 27, 2012

      So , what is your suggestion Henry ? Buy an iPhone instead ? Do u know where were iPhones made lately ??

  6. njren
    October 27, 2012

    I have a soft spot for BBK. Until they stopped production in 2010, they made China’s best DVD players and, of course, they also launched the Oppo brand.

    With Vivo, though, they really need to come back to earth. I see nothing in their current lineup that justifies the prices they are asking. For this upcoming X1, OK, a wafer-thin 5.0″ device is cool and all, but what’s backing it up? A MediaTek processor offering a single WCDMA band?? Look at the various UI’s on their current phones; you’ll probably love them…if you’re a 12 year-old girl. It might be impressive, but so is the Huawei Ascend D1 for roughly the same price.