Huawei G510 get’s a 1.2Ghz Qualcomm CPU

Huawei G510 get’s a 1.2Ghz Qualcomm CPU


Huawei have decided to move against the flow of MT6577 phone and have decided to spec the new Huawei G510 with a qualcomm dual-core chip.

Mediatek may have the dual-core (and possibly quad-core) low-cost market segment sewn up in China, but the CPU does have its issues. Numerous complaints of users not getting quality GPS signal and lack of international support for chips like the MT6577 make them only really usable here in China.

Fortunately not all Chinese brands are contact with the Chinese market alone, and want to grab themselves a share of the international smartphone market.

Huawei’s latest dual-core phone, the Huawei G510, could be a great option for international buyers looking for a low-cost Chinese phone, but without sacrificing performance.

Rather than using the popular MT6577 dual-core CPU, Huawei have chosen a Qualcomm 1.2Ghz CPU. Full specification is not yet available but the phone does get a 4.5 inch display, 1700mAh battery and runs Android 4.0.4.

For those of you interested in the G510 be sure to check that the version you are looking at is in fact the Qualcomm model, as Huawei have also launched a China Mobiile specific MT6577 model with just 512mb RAM for the local Chinese market.

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  • kolyamba

    what’s the specs of this phone? i don’t see any info about it on google..

    • Philippe Blaufoux

      From what i heard the Huwaei G510 will be a big hit
      at a nice affordable price also around $250 i would
      stay tuned on this one..

  • Hello Andi,

    Can you please answer a ‘general’ question on the matter of OTA updating of phones bought in China.

    I have a particular interest in re-selling 6 inch and … NOW … 7 inch smartphones in the UK. By the way … this 7 inch genre of PHONE is a great improvement on simply cheap ‘7 in tablets’ … and it shows the Nexus 7 for what it really lacks … no SIM spaces !!

    Repeatedly, very good ‘spec 7 inch phones are being offered from smaller Chinese manufacturers – through wholesalers such as Alibaba and Chinavasion and others .., YET THEY CANNOT BE UPDATED OTA.

    If the manufacturers do not want the hassle/ or cannot afford to buy such a licence … is there a another way a user can FORCE an OTA upgrade from an official Android source.

    I am sure you’ll appreciate the need for an answer to this question; and I look forward to your comments.

    Thanks in advance !

    • It all depends on the manufacturer if you go for someone with a large forum and lots of members they will have updates, but generally not OTA. Oh, take a look at Carpad, they might have something for you 🙂

      • Thanks Andi … I’m onto them !!

    • 7 inch smartphones??? That it’s not a smartphone, it’s a tablet with phone funtions!

      I want see who use a 7 inch tablet/smartphone for make a call in the street. Look like old motorola of 90’s

      • Same old, same old ….

        If you want to make a phone call with a 6 inch or a 7 inch ‘tablet’/phone – just use a Bluetooth earpiece/mic. There are dozens to choose from and millions use them for even 4 inch phones.

        Try this link … Bluetooth Microphone Headset –

        Simply keep your 7 inch device (sic!) out of sight – and safe in your briefcase or your ‘man-bag’ or even your inside jacket pocket.

        Simples !

    • Simon

      Come on Millgate, a 7″ phone? 7″ does not a phone make. It’s not even a “phablet.” It’s a tablet. Imagine putting one in your pocket for a night out? Even 4.5″ phones are too big for that purpose.

      • Simon, I appreciate your comments – but I respectfully beg to differ.

        I have been out all day today, and lunching with a dozen of my ‘senior’ peers; wearing casual gear – including a sports jacket and slacks.

        I had a Google Nexus 7 in my inside left jacket pocket all the time – and nobody noticed; until I pulled it put to show them what a 7 inch device looked like. As an important aside … the Nexus 7 is BIG compared to the new stream of 7 inch devices coming into the UK from China – and they are getting slimmer by the week. I call them ‘pocketables’.

        As you may have gathered; if you’ve seen my occasional mutterings here, I am planning to commence selling 6 inch … and now, 7 inch … phone/tablets, on my website in the New Year. You can find it by simply Googling ’70plus-feeling50′.

        Compared to the ‘mainstream’, I believe you’ll be taken with these 6/7 inch ‘pocketables’ for their high ‘specs, ‘no risks or surprises – all in Duty and VAT – pricing, ‘to your door’ delivery and, importantly for my target audience … the support, the advice and tips, blog and information which I intend to deliver through my site.

        There you are … ‘ad finished, if I’m allowed it. So, watch this space … please !

  • bas

    I cannot find this phone anywhere..
    Any other specs known? Amount of ram, skin, dual-sim?

  • Howard

    I’m looking at buying one of these in Guangzhou now. Can you tell me how can I see which CPU the phone has? Thanks!

  • faizan

    Andi is it going to be a dual sim version as well? for international market?