Elephone P9000 Lite real photos

Elephone P9000 Lite

Has Elephone really made a slim bezel phone with Helio P10 chipset? Well real photos of their new Elephone P9000 Lite say yes.

Before you all say “See the P9000 isn’t a bezel-less design” remember that this is the Elephone P9000 Lite, and has always been described as a ‘narrow bezel’ phone, while the top of the range P9000 (which hasn’t been seen in the flesh yet) is the bezel less phone.

Elephone P9000 Lite

These photos show the Elephone P9000 Lite sat with the ZUK Z1 smartphone to compare the thickness of the screen edge. Its not surprising that Elephone chose the Z1 as a comparison phone as the Z1 isn’t known for its slim bezels. Still the edges of the phone P9000 Lite do look narrower than other Elephone phones, and there are not black borders around the display either.

Elephone P9000 Lite

From another view we can see the USB Type C plug between dual speakers in the base of the phones slim metal body.

A final image shows the the processor details of the P9000 Lite which state that the phone is running a MT6755B chipset, a variant of the Helio P10 processor. The ‘B’ at the end of the model number could mean that this is a slightly lower spec version of the P10 perhaps running a different GPU or lower processor speed.

So that’s the Elephone P9000 in the flesh, what do you make of the next generation Elephone phone? Are you planning to buy the phone? Let us know in the comments below.

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