UMi Super rumours hot up with Snapdragon 820 possibility

Ok ok, before we go on with this news grab a pinch of salt as this rumours sounds like a piece of UMi Pie in the sky.

UMi are notorious of making bold claims and not always following through. Do you remember the UMi Zero 2 for example? A phone that was first rumoured to have a dual screen design and then shown again with a rear leather panel before finally disappearing all together?

Well in the run up to the release of their UMi Super phone, the company are once again running up the hype machine with claims that their phone will run as much as 6GB RAM and now perhaps a Snapdragon 820 chipset.

The use of a Snapdragon 820 seems a little far fetched for us as Qualcomm have strict rules they abide to when choosing partners and which phone makers use their chipsets and so far UMi hasn’t been one of them. “well hang on, what about the UMi Emax Mini? That had a Qualcomm chip”, yes this is true but the phone was actually an axed TCL product that UMi decided to sell with their branding (this also explains why there haven’t been any updates for the phone since launch either, as TCL aren’t supporting it).

Apparently the UMi Super will come with a metal chassis, USB Type C, AMOLED display, HIFI audio and fast charging which UMi plans to sell for around $300. Judging by the speed of UMi’s launches though we don’t expect to see the final device until after summer.

Thanks to Marco for the tip.

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