Smartisn T3 To Come Soon: A Mysterious Smartphone Leaked on Radio Approval System


With the launch of the Smartisan T1, the company started its way to the smartphones market. This manufacturer doesn’t launch too many models per year, but all the phone it comes in with win customers’ hearts immediately. The first-gen T1 was so popular, that it was rumored this model will appear on the US market as well. Anyway, its successor made a huge stir as well. Not accidentally, it was called as a Xiaomi Mi 4C on steroids. And though the latest from T-series was announced over two years ago, we are still waiting for the Smartisan T3 to be launched. Today a mysterious phone with a model number of OC106 appeared on a radio approval system. There is every reason to think we are dealing with the third-gen T-line smartphone.


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The possible delay of the next-gen Smartisan T3 may be related to the launch and promotion of the Smartisan Nuts Pro and Nut Pro 2 high-end models. There is no info how the latter performs, but the former one was sold in 1 million units. Actually, we have heard too much and seen too many leaked photos of the upcoming Smartisan T3. So the appearance of the OC106 on the system on January 4 hints the manufacturer is preparing a new device. And what it should bring if not the T3?

Earlier one of the bloggers said Smartisan will launch a very powerful smartphone next spring. And as there have been no other devices rumored to come our way from this company, we were thinking it’s the Smartisan T3. So this is an identical case. Seems the T3 is on its way, finally.

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  1. Karoon
    January 9, 2018

    I just hope it’s not the Nut Pro 3. The second model has only been out for two months