Xiaomi Mi 8’s Warm-Up Posters Hint at 3D Face Recognition

Xiaomi Mi 8

As the Xiaomi’s next conference date is getting closer, it’s reasonable to see more news on the upcoming models. Today, we have already managed to talk about the Mi Band 3. But agree people are more interested in the 8th Anniversary smartphone dubbed as the Xiaomi Mi 8. The company has started releasing warm-up posters for the countdown. Each of those posters hints at a certain selling point. Previously, we have seen posters concerning the Snapdragon 845 chip, strong camera features, etc. The one launched today hints at 3D face unlock feature.

Xiaomi Mi 8

Apart from the warm-up poster, Xiaomi has also released a promo video. The latter comes with classic MIUI ringtones sang by four Animojis. In the video, we can see the facial features and expressions of the four cartoon avatars changes. So there is every reason to think this video suggests that the Xiaomi Mi 8 will supports 3D structured light function similar to iPhone X.

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Xiaomi Mi 8

If the Xiaomi Mi 8 is equipped with a 3D structured light function, it will become the first Android phone coming with this technology. Its advantages are obvious in comparison to the 2D face recognition found on the most current Android phones. It not only increases the security but also makes it easier to use.

Xiaomi Mi 8

There is no official confirmation whether the Xiaomi Mi 8 will remove the rear-mounted fingerprint identification scanner and switch to the on-screen fingerprint technology. But seems we’ll get the answer soon because there are two days left before the launch and most likely we’ll learn about new features via upcoming warm-up posters.

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  1. Freeje238
    May 28, 2018

    Yep, by the time the date comes around you’ll be flaming hot! Thanks to these warm up posters.