Huawei is caught using a DSLR camera to capture “selfies” in the latest Nova 3 Video ad

Well, it’s not every day that we hear about ads that have an opposite effect in the advertised product – apart from OnePlus ads, of course. However, it’s basically what happened with Huawei in their most recent video commercial for the Nova 3.

The video and was created for distribution in Egypt and basically talks about the recently released Nova 3 and Nova 3i camera capabilities. As far as the commercials go, there’s nothing out of the ordinary, and everything seems to be perfectly fine with the advertised features in the product – In this case, the Selfie capabilities of Nova 3.

Unfortunately, for the Chinese Behemoth, something unplanned happened and put the manufacturer in some hot waters. Sarah Elshamy, the actress featured in the ad shared a curious “making of” picture from the video set on Instagram. If you’ve seen the video above, you find a very curious picture just below this paragraph:

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We don’t need the highest IQ to notice that the selfie captured in this video, wasn’t made with either the Nova 3 or Nova 3i. As we can clearly see, there is a photographer using a professional DSLR camera to take the advertised pictures. Funnily enough, look at the actor pose who pretends to be holding a smartphone.

The backslash in social media was fast and insane and just a few minutes after posting the picture, Elshamy deleted the post. However, the damage has already been done. While Huawei made a huge mistake here, this kind of thing isn’t new among manufacturers who frequently use this kind of marketing trick to promote their products.

Everyone is tired of this, so we just hope that at least Huawei learns with this tremendous vexation.

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  1. Freeje238
    August 21, 2018

    No way, Huawei!

  2. ヘレリャ キムジョーダン
    August 21, 2018


  3. Johhny John
    August 21, 2018

    Oh no, Huawei s been caught again, thanks for the free advertising 🤩🤣

  4. Wandering Droid
    August 21, 2018

    Wuuuutttt?!?!? A chinese company lygin to consumers? Impossible!