Honor Smart Screen Coming; How Strong Is Honghu 818 Chip?

Today, Honor announced that it will officially release the Honor Smart Screen products at the Dongguan Basketball Center on August 10. Xiong Junmin, vice president of the Honor business department, has previously uncovered the Honghu 818 chip on its Weibo. This is going to be the heart and the brain of the upcoming TV product.

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Generally speaking, the TV will be turned on within 2 seconds. The TV will always remain in a black screen state. During this time, the TV mainly decodes the 4K video. The TV needs to read the video on the network or the storage device into the memory before decoding. After, it will call the memory for decoding. The black screen state time is determined by two parts. One is the memory bandwidth scheduling technology, and the other is video decoding capability.

Honghu 818 Advantages

Determining the speed of memory bandwidth scheduling depends on three parts: the level of bandwidth, the speed of the frequency, and the quality of the scheduling technology. At this stage, the problem of many TV products is not in bandwidth and frequency, but in scheduling technology. Honghu818 is more than 50% ahead of other vendors in terms of multi-tasking parallel bandwidth efficiency. This allowed the manufacturer to improve the memory scheduling technology. The Honghu 818 has a wider road, faster speed, and better scheduling. So we can say the memory problem is solved. So what about the video decoding problem?

Hongjun 818

TV decoding is different from that on smartphones. TV video decoding is achieved by curing the IP module in the chip, the Video Decoder module. The stronger the Video Decoder module, the stronger the video decoding capability of the TV.

Hongjun 818

The Video Decoder module of Honghu 818 can support 8K@30Hz video playback, which is equivalent to playing 4 times 4K video. This decoding capability makes Honghu 818 faster in 4K decoding.

Through the actual test, when using Honghu 818 chip device to open H.265 encoded 4K video, it takes only 1.3 seconds from the time of clicking to the start of playback. In comparison, other products require almost twice as long.

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