Huawei Honor V10

The Honor View 10 is a fantastic combination of specs and premium design and now this lovely device is making its way to the USA, with the 10 going for pre-order on

Indian Mi fans have something to look forward to in the coming week. Xiaomi will finally bring the Redmi 5 to India next week, something that’s been long overdue. The Indian market is one of Xiaomi’s biggest, so it only makes sense for them to bring it over there.

Nokia 7 Plus

The Nokia 6 may not be the hottest phone from Nokia, but it is a very solid mid-range device. With handsome looks, a good spec sheet and nice, clean software, it’s a pretty desirable device. So those of you Nokia fans in the Netherlands, I’ve got some good news for you.

Everyone knows about Xiaomi’s MiTVs at this point. The devices tend to be on the higher end of the spectrum when it comes to televisions. Now the company has brought more MiTV goodness to India with the launch of the Mi LED Smart TV 4A.

Huawei P20

Here’s to Huawei, with a real mixer for those of us who’ve been following the P20 for a while. The company put a out a brand new Huawei P20 teaser, but the camera on it is horizontal. This directly goes against so many of the leaks we’ve seen, and has really thrown me for a loop.

Here’s an interesting bit for today’s “Did they really do this” section. Good old Blackberry wants to sue Facebook for patent infrigement on its legacy messaging service. Yes, you definitely just read that right, and it’s quite an interesting case too.

Google’s Gboard is without a shred of doubt one of the most popular keyboard apps available. It’s no wonder why either, the keyboard is clean, simple to use and customisable. Now with this new update, there’s even more incentive to go with Gboard over other options.

Huawei’s recently been pretty active in Malaysia, which comes as no surprise seeing as they’re the second largest in the country. The company tends to bring in a lot more of their budget devices into the country, as can be seen by their latest news. Huawei will officially launch the Nova 2 Lite in Malaysia come March 15th.

Samsung may not be the biggest deal in China, but their devices still make ripples in the market. It’s a no-brainer for Samsung to launch their flagship devices in China, and they have. Samsung oversaw the Galaxy S9+ and S9 official China launch earlier today, right after the India launch.

We know a ton about the Huawei P20 at this point in time, but what’s a bit more for the wait, right? Today, some very official looking Huawei P20 promo pictures came up online, giving us a better look at what to expect.

Xiaomi Mi MIX 2

Xiaomi’s history of being late with Android updates is a well known fact. The company hasn’t ever really released an Android update quickly, even on their flagship devices and even on the MiA1. Which is why it’s great news to hear that the Mi Mix 2’s Android Oreo update has finally been released.

meizu e3

Less than a day before the launch of the Meizu E3, we get another picture of it. This time, we get a very nice render of a blue Meizu E3, and it looks fantastic. It even gets some nice red highlights on its power button and probably its volume rocker.

Malaysia tends to see many budget device launches, and now Wiko is joining the pack with the new Tommy 3 Malaysia launch. The 18:9 device is another attempt by the company to crack into the Malaysian market, though we wish it were at least slightly better than it actually is.

Xiaomi’s presence in Malaysia is surprisingly great. The company’s made big strides towards bringing all their products to the country, the most recent being the Redmi 5. Now the company has gone and brought most of their catalogue, including many of their smaller Mi Home items.

Google’s Chrome OS remains an OS for niche products for many companies, though Acer is more active with the OS than most. With more than …

If you’ve amassed a fortune in cryptocurrencies, you probably don’t keep it all (or any of it) on your mobile phone. But a company called Sikur wants you to reconsider that. The same company that made the GranitePhone from 2015, if you even remember it.

huawei p20 lite

We’re slowly edging closer to the March 27 launch event of the Huawei P20 series in Paris, so naturally one would think that the leaks might finally stop. Nope. A new poster shown off at MWC basically confirms everything we already knew, but I suppose we’ll take another look at it.


There’s no denying the fact that Samsung flagships come with top-of-the-line camera hardware and are often top three in the market, if not at the peak. A lot of the Galaxy S9’s marketing has revolved around its camera. Will it live up to the hype that it has generated so far?

Looks like AT&T’s exclusivity with their Space Black variant of the BlackBerry KEYone is history. BlackBerry went on Twitter earlier today hat it will soon be bringing the BlackBerry KEYone Black Edition to select online retailers in the US.

While I have never been a fan of the iPhone X notch, it seems that may be the new hot trend in the mobile market. Yesterday we saw Asus announce a pair of devices with it, and now we’ve got images of an unreleased Vivo device called the Vivo V9 appearing in billboards in Indonesia.