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MGCOOL Cam 360

The MGCOOL Cam 360 has been out for a while now but only today MGCOOL has released a video of it going underwater, how will it look?

MGCOOL Explorer 2

We knew the MGCOOL Explorer 2 was coming in a shiny orange coloration and we thought that was it. Looks like there’s more to it!

MGCOOL Explorer 4K gearbest

The MGCOOL Explorer 4K action camera is finally on sale. You can get one now for $49.99 at the pre-order price. Full specs inside!

MGCOOL Explorer 2

The upcoming MGCOOL Explorer 2 will feature a new orange tint, while that may not add any performance it sure does look different from the usual.

MGCOOL Explorer 1S

MGCOOL just launched the MGCOOL Explorer 1S, another 4K action camera that they’ll be adding up to their lineup. Enter to know the specs!

MGCOOL Explorer Launched

MGCOOL officially launched the MGCOOL Explorer, a new 4K camera aimed at people with a low budget. Here you’ll find all the specs!

MGCOOL Explorer 2

MGCOOL begins this 2017 with two new cameras, the MGCOOL Explorer and Explorer 2. Both cameras can shoot 4k videos and more.

Elephone eleCam Explorer S

Elephone just released some info about the upcoming Elephone eleCam Explorer S. If you’re into action cameras then come read about it!

MGCOOL Explorer 2

MGCOOL are going “all-in” with the creation of their next action camera. The MGCOOL Explorer 2 will in fact be able to shoot 4K videos at …

MGCOOL Explorer 2

MGCOOL’s Explorer 2 will feature a GPS module which adds GPS data to the photos, just like what happens on the GoPro Hero 5.

MGCOOL Cam 360

The MGCOOL Cam 360 is an interessing 360 degree video recording camera. What features make it special, though? Let’s find out!

The MGCOOL Cam 360 comes with a dual fisheye lens setup to achieve a better 360 panoramic video. But how does it work?

MGCOOL Explorer 2

The MGCOOL Explorer 2 is rumored to be coming out pretty soon. All we know so far is that it’ll feature a new interesting display.


Kehan is having a flash sale on their KEHAN C60 Pro 4k action camera. It’ll be 53% off its retail price, dropping the price to $89.99.

MGCOOL is willing to keep you company this coming Christmas with one of their products, the MGCOOL Explorer action camera, to be precise. To do that, …

Kehan is a recently born electronics manufacturer which produces action cams, vlog cameras and IP cams, but they don’t stop at that. Kehan also produces high-end car …

MGCOOL might be releasing a new high-end action camera very soon. What specs should we expect? Let’s have a look and guess!

If you need an action camera to capture your winter, MGCOOL might have something for you. Click here to know more.

Kehan have a special winter sale for the outdoor video enthusiasts with a discount coupon available for their Kehan C60 Pro action camera. This camera …

Elephone and MGCOOL have come out with an Official Service Announcement regarding their products lineup..