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Elephone p9000

Elephone just put together a short video comparing the mighty Xiaomi Mi 5 to the budget Helio P10-powered Elephone P9000.

elephone p9000 review

Elephone have released a stock Android 6.0 update for the Elephone P9000 that brings important fixes to the phone.

elephone p9000 review

We’ve put the Elephone P9000 through its paces and come to a conclusion, find out what that is in our Elephone P9000 review.

elephone p9000 review

In this video detailing an Elephone P9000 GPS test, find out how the phone performs with its location services WIHOUT being connected to any radio.

elephone p9000 review

To follow up our Elephone P9000 first impressions, here’s our Elephone P9000 unboxing and hands on video.

elephone p9000 review

Our Elephone P9000 has just arrived with all the available Elephone P9000 accessories. Take a look at this Helio P10 phone now and read our first impressions.

Elephone have shot another hands on video comparing the Elephone P9000 with the new Smartisan T2 smartphone.

Elephone have shot a short video comparing the Elephone P9000’s design to that of the iPhone 6S and OnePlus 2. Elephone are pretty excited about …

elephone p9000 wireless charging

A feature of the Elephone P9000 we weren’t aware of until this morning was wireless charging!


Elephone have been testing out some interesting options to raise money for the Elephone P9000 launch and here’s another in the form of ELE VIP Membership.

Elephone are testing our some alternate ROMs for their forthcoming Elephone M3 smartphone, this video shows the Helio P10 phone running Vibe UI.

elephone p9000 invite

Elephone for the first time ever will be holding a launch event for their new Elephone P9000 watch and W2 smartwatch.

Elephone P9000

Even with the Elephone Vowney MIA, Elephone are pushing ahead with the launch of the Elephone P9000 with a ‘crowdfunding’ event. Details below. Chinese phone …


Elephone has decided to rename its P9000 series smartphones (plus news about another announcement).

Elephone P9000 Lite

Has Elephone really made a slim bezel phone with Helio P10 chipset? Well real photos of their new Elephone P9000 Lite say yes.

We’re still no closer to knowing when the Elephone P9000 might ship, but already a short hands on video shows us what to expect from the latest Elephone device.

elephone p8000 review

Elephone promise to release source code for the Elephone P8000 has been pushed back to the 1st November, but they hope to follow up with Elephone P9000 code too.

Pictures of the new and upcoming Elephone P9000 have surfaced, confirming the much-talked about bezel-less design of the smartphone.

Elephone P9000

Elephone have treated us to some new details of their upcoming Elephone P9000 flagship range, confirming Android 6 and a new location for their fingerprint scanner.


Elephone want two first this year. They are want to be the first phone maker to launch a Helio P10 powered smartphone and they hope to be the first Chinese phone maker to get Android 6.0 too.