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Realme GT Neo 3T India Launch Around The Corner, See Expected Price

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Xiaomi continues to lead the Indian smartphone market

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Yu’s first outing seems to have been a massive success — the Yureka was out of stock in no time.

The super slim OPPO R5 has gone official in India, following the Vivo X5 Max for an equivalent of US$470.

Xiaomi has been a phenomenon not only in China, but in India as well. Read on to know more.

micromax yureka yu

It’s one we have been wondering about and a lunch which has much confusion in the tech world, and now here it is! So was the wait for the Cyanogen powered Yureka worth it?

xiaomi mi4 review

A few days ago Xiaomi was hit with a ban preventing the sale of its device in India, new reports say that the ban will be lifted for some products early next year.

The world’s thinnest phone is now official in the world’s second-largest smartphone market!

Big news today is that Indian customs have been directed to stop imports of Xiaomi products in to India while an ongoing complaint by Ericsson is investigated!

vivo x5 max

A few days ago Vivo announced that they would be entering the Indian phone market, and now we know which phone will be their flagship, the slim Vivo X5 Max.

cyanogenmod find7

After a worrying many fans in India, Cyanogen have come out to say that Indian customers of the global OPO will get CM updates, but what exactly does this mean.

vivo xshot vs oneplus one camera shootout

Vivo, the makers of the very good Vivo Xshot and Xplay 3S are officially headed to India in the footsteps of Xiaomi and OnePlus.

oneplus one android

After saying the users of the global variant of the OnePlus One would enjoy warranty in India, OnePlus today stated that the warranty would be extended to Chinese handsets too.

The OnePlus One in its 64GB avatar will sell for just 21,999 INR in India!

Are you a resident of India, and missed out buying a Xiaomi Mi 3? If yes, ZTE have you covered with the new Grand S II!

redmi note

OnePlus are officially entering the Indian market tomorrow, but at least 50,000 possible fans are going to be looking else where.

android lollipop

In a press release, OnePlus have confirmed their confusion of Cyanogen India move and announced that the OnePlus One will ship with Android 5.0 Lollipop in the country first.

cyanogenmod find7

The OnePlus One will no longer enjoy OTA updates to newer versions of CyanogenMod in India, thanks to CyanogenMod Inc. inking a deal with another popular company.

Android One has gained many many fans, but one of their highest profile fans must be Hugo Barra and the Xiaomi team.

oneplus one android

India fans, we have some good news for you. The OnePlus One will be launched in the country on the 2nd of December, after a long, agonizing wait. The device will be available for purchase on the same day.

Xiaomi plans to produce phones in India and Brazil, but there remain greater challenges to tackle before that.