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Oneplus 5T

When talking about the iPhone X experts usually mention two main advantages in comparison to other top brand flagships. First, its appearance is the most …

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For the past two years, Chinese smartphone manufacturer, OnePlus has consecutively released a “T” version of its flagship smartphones. However, current information implies that the company …

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Depending on which rumours you trust the next OnePlus flagship could be a OnePlus 5T with full screen design.

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Prior to the launch of OnePlus 5, there was so much fuss about its performance, now about four months down the line, this smartphone is …

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OnePlus 6 Rumors

According to the latest rumors, Chinese phone maker – OnePlus – are already working on their next big hit – the OnePlus 6. It’s quite …

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oneplus 5 vs oppo r11

Word on the grapevine this weekend is that OnePlus are set to launch the OnePlus 6 earlier than expected and that a OnePlus 5T won’t happen.

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