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The UMI Super is getting quite some marketing buzz around it and even the reviews all across the board are pretty favorable (including our own). …

Leaked slide from the official Xiaomi presentation for the upcoming May 10th conference seems to be crushing some dreams about the affordability of the huge …

Famous Czech proverb “repetition is a mother of wisdom” can surely be applied to most of the chinese producers and their news, because behold there …

meizu m3 note price

Meizu’s M3 Note is shaping up to be a budget phone to want to own, but it is also shaping up to be a rival to Meizu’s own Meizu Metal range!

oppo r9 design

As a new Oppo R9 teaser confirms a super narrow bezel design, Oppo shops in China have gone ahead and confirmed local pricing for the new smartphone.

zuk z1 review

After the release of the OnePlus X yesterday I was sure that we would see a permanent price drop on the ZUK Z1, but in fact the opposite is true!

umi emax mini

UMi’s TCL made eMax Mini has been given an official launch price of only $139.99 with a release date later this month.

OUKITEL U6- preorders internationally

We’ve all wondered just how much these dual-screen smartphones will cost at launch, and it is Oukitel who have finally come forward and put a price, and international pre-oreder, on their E-inch equipped phone.

vivo y33

Vivo have confirmed a lower than normal price for their Vivo Y33 smartphone with a RRP of 1198 Yuan ($192).

xiaomi mi note

When the flagship Mi Note launched at 2499 Yuan some customers were upset, but those who held out for a price drop will be laughing all the way to the bank today.

meizu m2 note

E commerce giant have once again jumped the gun on the pricing of Meizu’s latest listing the M2 note at 1299 Yuan.

meizu mx4

With rumours that Meizu are to launch the M2 Note and MX5 in June are customers still willing to buy current Meizu phones even at knock-down prices?

oneplus one android

Since the OnePlus One has been on sale for over a year now and a replacement is in the wings the price of the current 16GB model has been slashed to just 1499 Yuan in China.

oppo r7

We’re already used to the idea that Oppo phones always have an added premium, but how to you guys feel about the possibility of $483 for the Oppo R7?

mlais m7 specifications

Mlais have set up pre-orders for their flagship M7 and large battery MX models at special introduction prices.

Nubia Z9

Nubia’s next device is promised to have some fancy tech, but it sounds like it will be coming at a very high price!

Thanks to falling value of the Euro, the OnePlus One is set to become a more expensive phone than planned, at least in Europe.

huawei holly

Huawei have hacked the price of their Huawei Holly phone based on social media shares, bring the cost down to only £74.99 on Amazon.

We are use to seeing prices of phones increase when they launch internationally compared to in China, but the pricing for the m1 note will be higher even for Chinese consumer who choose to buy in a physical store rather than online.

meizu mx2 price

With the Meizu Blue Charm phone launch later this month, the Zhuhai phone maker has slashed pricing of it’s older MX2, could this be a sign of things to come?