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Zeblaze THOR

Zeblaze — the renown Chinese smartwatch maker — has just revealed their plan to release a smartwatch named THOR. What do we know about it? Let’s …

Zeblaze Zeband Plus

Zeblaze have come out with a new and improved version of the successful Zeband, they decided to name it Zeband Plus. The new smart band …

If you just ordered a Cubot V2 or are thinking about getting one. Cubot released a video on what to do when you first get it.

If you’re still looking for a cheap Christmas gift then this might interest you. You can now buy the MGCOOL Band 2 for just $9.99!


MGCOOL just released a video to show the features of their latest smart band, the MGCOOL Band 2. Let’s have a look at it right here!


Few days after the launch of the MGCOOL Band 2, MGCOOL has officially released the new Android app for their smart band. It’s called MGCOOL …

Elephone and MGCOOL have come out with an Official Service Announcement regarding their products lineup..

Cubot giveaway

Cubot is celebrating their successful year with a sweet New Year’s giveaway. Here’s how you can try your hand at it!


Looks like just about any brand in the world is going with the Black Friday themed sales, this is no different with MGCOOL. The new …


We finally see some real photos of the MGCOOL Band 2 after the renders we’ve seen in the past weeks. Let’s have a look at them!


MGCOOL Band 2 features 2nd generation Bluetooth 4.0 for improved performance and efficiency. It’s also apparently selling like crazy — more info inside.


The new MGCOOL Band 2 is a mix of versatility and functionalities. Here we go through some of them, plus some photos of the band!

In this review of the Hesvit G1 smart band, learn if the gadget is worth the asking price and how well it’s features exactly work.


A few days back we told you MGCOOL was working on a smart band, the rumor appears to be correct. They’ll be announcing it very soon …

MGCOOL is said to be launching a new smart band under their new brand. Let’s see what it is about!

Huawei have announced a new smart band with LTE, but what could the 4.5g connection be actually used for?

Sony’s SmartBand Talk just went live at the ongoing IFA in Berlin, with a 1.4-inch e-ink display among other specs.