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The Doogee Keeper is Doogee’s first wearable, coming soon in August

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keeper 1

Doogee, just a few days after revealing details of their upcoming flagship device, are now back providing us with new information on their newest device, the Doogee Keeper. The Doogee Keeper will be Doogee’s first foray into the smartwatch /smart wearable market, and from the details they’ve given us we’d say it’s look pretty good […]

KingSing take a crack at LG with their LG G3 clone

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kingsing s2 lgg3 clone

KingSing, a manufacturer who started life as a low-cost phone maker, are fast becoming a clone maker that could rival even GooPhone!

Xiaomi App Store: A Hot Bed Of Piracy?

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The Xiaomi app store appears to be a hot bed of piracy as many premium apps are available for free that cost money on other stores.

Official Umi X1 Pro Specifications and Discount for GizChina readers

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umi x1 pro specifications

Today our source at UMi sent us the official final specifications of the entry-level UMi X1 Pro octacore smartphone available from mid March.

Hands on on photos with the white Xiaomi Mi3

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Xiaomi Mi3 white version

First hands on photos with the much sought after white version of the Xiaomi Mi3 flagship phone, soon to be available in Europe through Italian resellers.

Exclusive: Official UMi X3 Specifications

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umi x3 specifications

While leaking the specifications of the entry-level UMi x1 Pro, our source at UMi also confirmed the details of the flagship, octacore UMi X3.

Exclusive THL T100S vs Zopo ZP998: Hands on comparison!

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zopo zp998 vs thl t100s hands on

Christmas comes a day earlier for GizChina as we have received both the 8-core THL T100S and the still unreleased Zopo ZP998 flagship phones for review!

Exclusive: iNew V3 complete specifications, everything you need to know!

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inew v3

Chinese phone maker iNew have just raised the bar! Their latest smartphone the iNew V3 is a true flagship phone with amazing styling and hardware! Full specifications of this 6.5mm phone here!

Exclusive: Octa-core MT6592 Newman K18 renders, full specification, and launch details

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newman k18

Over the past few months we have seen a few leaked photos of the Newman K18, but these are the first renders and full specification details of the new phone!

Exclusive first hands on with the ZOPO ZP700

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zopo zp700 hands on

We get some exclusive hands on time with the unreleased ZOPO ZP700 smartphone ahead of its official launch!

Xiaomi Mi3 vs Xiaomi Mi2S: Benchmarks

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Xiaomi Mi3 vs Xiaomi Mi2S

To continue with the test on the Xiaomi Mi3, I decided it was a good idea to compare the performance of the phone against its predecessor, the Xiaomi Mi2S.

Exclusive: Xiaomi Mi3 Review

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Xiaomi Mi3

If you are planning to buy the Xiaomi Mi3 later this year then this is the review you have been waiting for! Read the complete, in-depth Nvidia Tegra 4 powered Xiaomi Mi3 review here! To kick off the review this version of the Xiaomi Mi3 is a Nvidia Tegra 4 model which is designed to […]

Update Exclusive: Xiaomi Mi3 Tegra 4 Unboxing and Hands on video

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xiaomi mi3 unboxing and hands on

I’m not 100% sure how have managed it, but they have got their hands on the still unreleased Xiaomi Mi3 Tegra 4 version!

Chinese phone makers could have 8-core and LTE before the end of the year!

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purported meizu mx3 leak

Over the past week we met with a number of Chinese phone makers. Some were eager to share their ideas, others not so. What we learnt from all is exciting.

Meizu MX3 Hands On

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meizu mx3 hands on

Although it is Mid- Autumn Festival here in China, Shenzhen’s busy Huaging Bei district remains mostly open giving me a chance to try out the still unreleased Meizu MX3!

Exclusive – Hands on video with the stainless steel JiaYu G5!

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jiayu g5 hands on

After playing with the JiaYu S1, JiaYu also let us get to grips with the stainless steel bodied JiaYu G5! Hands on photos and video after the jump!

UMi Cross rear panel and chassis hands on, UMi X3 on the drawing board!

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umi cross

UMi look like they are ready to launch their 6.44-inch UMi Cross tablet, and although we haven’t had chance to get a hands on (yet) we did get to see the rear case main chassis.

Exclusive: iOcean “Skyfall” phablet

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iocean skyfall phablet

We got a up close and personal first look at iOcean’s new device, a 6.44-inch phablet named the iOcean “Skyfall”.