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How To: Sync Your Mac to your Android Tablet and Phone

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We all know Apple computers are super easy to use, and we also know that the Android OS found on many a smart-phones and soon millions of tablets is also pretty straight forward in operation, however when you get the two together they don’t always like to play so nicely!

Watch Out iPad! Honeycomb is Coming For You!

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2011 is going to be the year of the tablet! 2010 was the year of the iPad, and the 10” Apple device has really benefited from its 12 month head start, but 2011 will be very much the year of the ‘Tablet’. According to analysis’s tens of millions of tablets will be sold this year, […]

Android Tablet Wallpaper of the Week

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This weeks wallpaper of the week is a little psycohdelic and has a bit of a space theme to it.

HTC Flyer Tablet Hands On Video

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HTC have really taken their sweet time entering the Android tablet market. The Taiwanese cell phone giant are one of the major players when it comes to top of the range Android devices, but they’ve been slower than most picking up the pace when it comes to tablets. Finally thought, HTC have come through with […]

Did Nintendo Just Launch the WiiPad Android Tablet?

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Oh my goodness have Nintendo made an Android tablet which uses Android 2.1 and features a built in camera and 3G? Or does the WiiPad usher in the day Chinese tablet manufactures finally run out of vowels to stick in front of the token ‘…pad’ name? Find out after the jump!

How To Sync Your Mac’s Calendar With Android

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As you are probably well aware, Google managed to ruffle some feathers when they released the Android mobile operating system. One particular batch of feathers they managed to thoroughly disrupt we’re the ones attached to Apple’s frilly heads, this little upset coupled with Apple’s desire to control practically everything associated with their products has made […]

2.5Ghz Snapdragon CPU’s On The Way!

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Wow, just as we thought tablet CPU’s couldn’t get any faster after seeing the Nvidia Kal-El in action and seeing their plans for 2014, Qualcomm come along and blow everyone away with news of their 2.5Ghz Snapdragon CPU! More details after the jump!

Nvidia’s Roadmap Points At Super Fast Chips for 2014

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If news of Nvidia’s Tegra 3 or Kal-El quad-core mobile cpu wasn’t quite up to the speed you we’re hoping, maybe you’ll be more impressed with what their road-map plan for the next few years had to offer. According to Nvidia, the company that brought us the first dual-core, 3D and quad-core mobile CPU’s, they […]

Nvidia Show Off Quad Core CPU

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This year’s MWC (Mobile World Conference) which is set to end tomorrow has been a positive Android love fest, with practically all the top mobile phones and tablets launched seen equipped with the Google developed mobile operating system. One of the stars of the show, however was Nvidia’s latest mobile chip set. Known as the […]

When Should We Expect the Barrage of Cheap Android 3.0 Tablets?

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Android 3.0 Honeycomb has been shown off on the Motorola Xoom, but many developers and factories are still unsure of what the hardware requirements for the latest installment of Android are, which means we could be in for more of a wait for Honeycomb tablets than we thought! More details after the jump!

Install Blocked Apps On Your Android Device!

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AndroidOS Tablets have a great article highlighting 5 ways Android users can install applications on their Tablets or phones without the official Android Market app. Check it out here.

Archos Android Tablets and Devices

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Archos have been in the Android Tablet game for a while now, and they make some extremely competitive machines. Here’s the low down on the 5 most popular devices in the Archos Android Tablet line up with pricing details.

LG Optimus Pad Details and Promo Video

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The LG Optimus (also known as the G Slate) looks to be about set for launch with predictions stating customers will be able to pick up the first LG Android tablet as early as March. The LG Optimus get’s some rather fancy features such as a 3D capable screen (although it has not been confirmed […]

Oh My Lady Gaga!

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Meizu’s M9 Android smart-phone comes not only with one of the best custom Android U.Is of any Android phone, but also a rather good custom Meizu Music store. The store allows you to purchase music directly through your Meizu M9 from Sina’s huge database of Chinese and foreign pop starts. Obviously I wanted to try […]

Use Skype For Android Over 3G! Download Link

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Skype is awesome for keeping in touch with friends and loved ones when living in different countries, unfortunately Skype won’t work over 3G AND if your living in China, you won’t be able to download Skype for your shiny new Android phone! But never fear, turn that frown upside down and download this here APK! […]

Android Tablet Wallpaper: A Touch of Honeycomb

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As the tablet specific Android 3.0 Honeycomb is finally upon us we thought we would celebrate by spreading some Honeycomb love. This weeks Android Tablet Wallpaper of the week is based on the boot up screen from the latest version of the Google O.S and features a psychedelic honeycomb pattern along with your favourite droid. […]

How To Sync Contacts With Your Google Account: Android Tablet

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One of the greatest features of Android is it’s ability to read your Google account syncing your calendar and most importantly your contacts! This is especially of use if you are setting up a new device, moving from another platform to Android or even if you manage to accidentally delete someone. Keep reading to learn […]

Motorola Xoom Gets Chinese Online Pricing

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The Motorola Xoom, with its dual-core Tegra 2 CPU, 10.1 inch screen and tablet friendly Android 3.0 looks to be one of the first true iPad competitors. However, recent media reports have claimed the new Moto Tab could have a rather hefty price tag attached with rumored pricing as high as $800! Nearly double that […]

Android Market Gets Online Store

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One of the things some users disliked about the Android market was the inability to browse apps via the web, well Google have rectified that problem and added a nice added bonus feature. The new online version of the Android Application Store, found at, not only allows users to browse all the Android apps […]

Sophone aka The Ultimate iPhone 4 Clone to Get Android Update

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The original Sophone, despite its’ JAVA based O.S still represents the most perfect iPhone 4 clone to date. Now, the makers of the ultimate iPhone 4 clone have an Android based model in the works! More details and video after the break.