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Adobe Working On Full Photoshop App For iOS

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Adobe’s PS Express app (Photoshop) is to be fair a little lame! It only allows users to crop, rotate and change certain levels to users images, it’s pretty disappointing considering it comes from the developers who made the word the word ‘Photoshop’ a verb! Thankfully Adobe have seen the light and are currently working on […]

Dillo Hills Free Download

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‘Dillo Hills’ is a great gravity controlled game and we have links for a free download! You play as one of four tiny little critter who dream of soaring through the air, however these guys (a turtle, an armadillo, a penguin and squirrel) weren’t blessed with the power of flight, so they have to make […]

The ‘Good’ Type of Android Malware!?

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imac clone

As Android users the words malware, virus and good generally don’t go hand in hand, but like everything in life there is an exception to the rule. The exception in this case is an Android virus called Android.Walkinwat. The specially designed trojan isn’t out to steal your credit card numbers or email passwords, instead this […]

LePad Launched And 3 More Lenovo Tablets On the way!

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lepad launched lepad 2 and 3 coming soon

Lenovo after month of teasing us with their tablet offering the LePad Android tablet, have finally launched the 10 inch machine to compete with Apple’s iPad and the slew of domestically made machines.

White Dropad Android Tablet Coming Soon

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white dropad android tablet

The Dropad originally grabbed our attention a few months ago for looking like an over-sized iPhone 4! The 7 inch Android tablet has some pretty great features including a 1Ghz CPU, 512Mb RAM a capacitive touch screen with a 800 x 480 resolution, a front facing camera plus a whole load of expansion options including […]

China Telecom Joining the Video Streaming Race

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china telecom moving to us

China Telecom have joined the ranks of Internet and media streaming  providers along with Chinese computer maker Lenovo. The new company which was established on Sunday in Shanghai will provide video content to mobile phone and broadband internet users.

Indian Company HCL Launches 3 New Tablets

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Ever heard of HCL? No! Neither had we up until today when news dropped at our desk that the Indian IT Service company had swaggered in to the Android Tablet market with not 1 but 3 Android tablets! The 3 tablets cover 3 different price ranges with the cheapest of the 3 costing roughly $336 […]

Google Body Android App

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Google seem to be mapping everything! If it’s not the Internet, its your street! They’ve even mapped the stars and planets! The latest app by Google, at least it is new to us, is Google Body which as you may have already guessed gives an accurate interactive 3D digital look at the human body! The […]

Galaxy on Fire 2 Ultra High Res Edition Coming Soon

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Galaxy on Fire 2 is a space flight simulation game available for both Android and iOS devices, but the developer of the game Fishlabs is preparing a special edition version of the game especially designed for Honeycomb Android tablets such as the new Galaxy Tabs and the Motorola Xoom. The special Ultra High Resolution Edition […]

Nook Color Froyo Update Details

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jailbreak ipad

As we previously mentioned, Barnes & Noble are finally planning to release an official Android 2.2 Froyo update for the Color Nook, but what exactly does this mean? We’ll it means for us there is another Android tablet on the market to entice us, but this time at a very attractive price! The Nook Color […]

Wi-Fi Motorola Xoom Available Early!

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An eagle eyed and very lucky shopper in the United States, noticed while browsing the aisle at his local Staples store that the stationay supplier had set the Wi-Fi Motorola Xoom point of sale display a few days earlier than it should officially launch. After taking a look at the details and speaking to staff […]

Dual Boot Windows/Android Magic Pad

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China still seems to be the place to find obscure, interesting and often innovative gadgets and tablet devices, and this latest tablet which was sent to us by our friends at Gizchina really checks all the boxes. First of all is that name! The Magic Pad sounds more like a personal hygiene product rather than […]

Is Amazon Planning Its Own Android Tablet?

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Amazon already have a huge digital empire spanning from books and movies to music and now Android applications so what’s the next step for the online retail giant? Well some think an Android tablet device is! Back in 2009 Apple had a large digital library of music, music and iPhone apps and speculation started mounting […]

Android Tablet Wallpaper Of The Week

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QQ turbo front side

Here’s this week Android Tablet wallpaper of the week. It’s a cheeky number depiciting our fave little green droid munching on a rather expensive and locked down fruit of some kind To copy this to your device hold down on the image and choose save, then from your gallery (or whereever you saved it to) […]

Amazon Giving Away Free Premium Android Apps

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The Amazon Android App store is on a bit of a roll this week. First the store launched, yesterday they gave away the premium version of Shazam, Shazam Encore and now today they are allowing users of their store to claim a copy of the premium SwiftKey app for free.

Barnes & Nobles New Nook Now An Android Tablet

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jailbreak ipad

Barnes & Nobles Nook Color is essentially a $250 Android tablet only without the features of other Android tablets such as email client, web browser and the ability to run the thousands of applications now available for the popular Google OS. However this is all about to change! According to a report over at PC […]

Blackberry Playbook WILL Run Android Apps This is What You Need to Know!

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DrinKlip Colours

RIM’s playbook is coming and at an iPad 2 fighting price, and with iPad 2 beating features. Best of all though is the fact that not only will the Playbook take advantage of Blackberry’s app store but it will also support Android applications, BUT before you get too excited take a look at this Blackberry […]

Amazon’s App Store Could Put You At Risk of Malware

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real cigarettes inside

To be fair any third party Android application store could potentially open the doors to malicious code, but due to the Amazon store hitting headlines this week with some great Application deals most are centering on them. The problem with the Amazon store, as well as other third party stores is that before being able […]

Honeycomb: Open Source No More!

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Google have announced that they will be holding back on the distribution of it’s flagship Android Honeycomb operating system. This means 2 hugely important things to those looking at purchasing an Android Tablet: 1) Only larger manufactures will be allowed to use the Honeycomb OS under license, meaning cheaper tablets from smaller companies are likely […]

Android A8 iPhone 4 Clone On Sale Soon!

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It’s been a while since we had a Shanzhai phone on Gizchina, so let’s bring them back! And what better phone to start with than an iPhone 4 clone! Although this knock-off is a far cry from those clones with an iOS styled skinned Android operating system, this A8 powered phone looks like a pretty […]