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130 Dollar 1:1 iPad Clone

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Most of the Android based tablets coming out of China have a very iPad look to them. Some of the tablets are just unfortunate enough to be coming after the iPad and as such get labeled as ‘knock offs’, but others well and truly deserve the title. This Shenzhen made tablet is almost a 1:1 […]

2 New Android Tablets From Shenzhen Encore

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Shenzhen Encore have just launched two great looking Android tablets with 7 inch or 8 inch screens and a choice of either Android 2.1 or 2.2. The features look fantastic too! The 7 inch model named the M702 (when will they give these tabs interesting names?) runs Android 2.1 on a Telechips Arm II CPU. […]

Eken Love Series Tablets

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iPad clones are seriously getting extremely dull, so it makes a nice change to come across a company who have decided to take the initiative and do something that at least looks a little different. Eken are the makers of this super slim rounded ‘Love’ tablet, and it looks like they’are hoping to sell it […]

Retro Looking Gpad 701

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It looks like the designers of the Gpad 701 went back in time to the 80’s, looked at what we thought the future would look like then designed there Android powered tablet to reflect those rather bland expectations. The Gpad uses a very cheap 7 inch touch screen which relies on a stylus for touch […]

Tablet Stands

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Tablet computers are great little devices. Ultra portable, light and easy to use, but often a bit cumbersome to hold while typing especially if your tab has a rounded back (like the iPad). Luckily for us there are plenty of aftermarket solutions out there to make typing a little easier. Omax First up is the […]


Samsung Galaxy S Coming To China’s Big 3

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Samsung were certainly late entering the Android race, but they are certainly making up for that late start now. The flagship Galaxy S is already doing amazingly well with 3 million handsets reportedly sold to date, now Samsung have announced the Galaxy will launch in China within the next 2 months. Unlike most cell-phone makers […]

Archos ‘iPad Killer’

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Archos have just shown off 5 new Android tablets and the Chinese press are reporting that the newly revealed Archos 101 (101 refers to the 10.1 inch multi-touch screen) could be an iPad ‘killer’! It’s a fairly bold claim, but can the new kid on the block really hold it’s own against the established daddy […]

5 New Android Tablets From Archos

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Archos has revealed 5 new tablets for the Chinese market starting at $99 and rising to a reasonable $349 with their Archos 101 ‘iPad killer’. Each of the Archos tablets run Android operating systems and range from 2.8 inches to 10.1 inches in screen size. Here’s a quick peek at all 5 new tabs. Archos […]

Huawei Plans $152 Android Phone For Europe

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Huawei are planning to enter the European smart phone market with their Ideos smart phones. The Android based phone is planned to be sold for around $152, which analysts point ou,t may force current market leaders to become more competitive. Although it has not been revealed which carrier the Froyo powered touch screen device will […]

Meizu CEO Cries Foul Over New iPod Design

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Jack Wong the CEO of Meizu has been kicking up a bit of a fuss claiming Apple’s new 4th generation iPod ‘looks a bit like’ his mythical upcoming M9II Android phone. Problem with his claim is the M9II is meant to be the successor to the yet to be released M9 handset. So what he […]

Android aPad First Impressions

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Chinese website Shanzhaiben took a few minutes to compare the Android aPad to the Apple iPad. Here’s what they noted after a quick once over. The first picture shows both the iPad and the imitation aPad side by side, but which is which? Knowing that the iPad has a 4:3 ratio screen and the aPad […]

New Samsung Galaxy Tablet Video

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Last week we posted a blurry video of the Samsung Galaxy Tablet , this week though we have a great video from Korean TV  of it in action. The video shows off some great features! No wobbly cameras or blurred images, just crisp video, funky music and if you can read them Korean labels! This […]

Motorola To Launch A Trio Of Androids Later This Year

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The Chinese press have been speculating for months about what Motorola had planned for it’s Chinese phone range, and it looks like they’ve finally spilled the beans. Motorola are planning to launch 3 new Android phone with full touch screens around the Fall of 2010. What’s more all 3 of the new phones will have […]

The Ultimate Android iPad Clone!?

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Despite it’s slightly smaller size and lack of Apple logo, this could possibly be one of the best looking iPad clones!

Shanda Releases Bambook ebook Service and Reader

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Shanda games have entered the ebook market with their Bambook ebook reader and download service.

Exclusive: Hands On With The ePad Android Tablet

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We take an exclusive look at the Android powered ePad to see how it compares to Apple’s iPad.

HaiPad Looks Good and Runs Android 2.1

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Most of these iPad clones aren’t very good, could the HaiPad be any better?!

Pleco iPhone reads and translates Chinese with camera!! Video

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A new app from Pleco which allows the iPhone to ‘read’ Chinese text and translate it on the fly!! With video link.

Slice Your Sim With the Micro Sim Adapter

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Convert your 3G sim card to micro format and back again with this handy kit.

Phone Clones Of The Week

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This is a new section I just decided to write up. Every week or so we’ll post information and photos of a few cloned phones available around China with pricing. To start off we’ve decided to feature 3 phones which tickled our fancy. One is a Motorola Flipout clone, the next is a HTC HD2 […]