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Android App Numbers Gaining on Apple’s App Store

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Business Insider published information this week detailing the difference in application numbers available for Apple iOS devices and Android running devices and while the gap still looks pretty huge (100,000 applications more in the App store) the numbers are decreasing at an alarmingly (for Apple) fast pace.

Motorola Xoom Weak Demand Due To ‘Buggy’ Honeycomb OS

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Being the first to launch a product with the latest operating system or a new software is always going to be a turbulent time with plenty of teething problems, but when you add to the mix a rival company launching a similar product with proven OS your out of the frying pan and in to […]

As Cheap as Chips!

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One of the main hardware specifications most of us look at when buying a new tablet or comparing the latest and greatest is the speed of the CPU. Last year most Android tablets and even the Apple iPad used a single core CPU with the only real differences being who made them and at what […]

The 10” Galaxy Tablet Gets A Clone of its Own

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While Chinese tablet makers await the yet to go public Android 3.0 O.S and for the relevant components to drop in price, they have been busying themselves fine tuning the vast portfolio of Android 2.X tablets they have managed to accumulate. The latest to join the ever growing list of almost but not quite right […]

Has Apple Just Destroyed the Chinese Tablet Market and its Many Clones?

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This past weekend saw the iPad 2 go on sale. As expected the launch was a sell out success with some industry analysis’s predating Apple may have shipped as many as 500,000 iPad 2 tablets just this weekend! Here in China we are still waiting for the camera equipped iPad 2 to launch. No time […]

Is Google On the Verge of releasing Music Streaming and Cloud Storage?

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A hidden feature in the Android 3.0 Honeycomb apk suggests that Google is close to revealing a new service that will give Android users the option to store and stream music from the cloud. The hidden code was discovered by an Android developer from the XDA developers forum. WhileWidows, as the forum member is known […]

Android Wallpaper of the Week

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It’s been a few weeks since we posted one of our favorite decorative backgrounds for a favorite tablet devices, but this week we have a terrific wallpaper for you. The design called Stitch, is from the excellent website Galaxy Tab Wallpaper and features the ever loveable Android Droid. To add this image to your Android […]

Don’t Go LePad Hunting in the U.S

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Lenovo are really getting their Android tablet game on. Their LePad tablet is currently getting preordered by Chinese techies and their are rumours that a LePad 2 will make an appearance before the end of the year! But what about a bit of LePad love in the good old U.S where the LePad originally made […]

Toshiba’s Android Tablet Will Blow iPad 2 Away!

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A Toshiba employee has been bad mouthing the iPad 2 and while bigging up Toshiba’s up and coming Android powered tablet. While it’s only natural for an employee of a rival company to feel excited and confident about a new product, we can’t help but think they could be right! The Toshiba Android tablet was […]

When Is a HD Camera Not Good Enough?!

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Seems like a pretty odd question really, surely a camera capable of recording HD video will provide crisp and clear images for all but the uber professional…. shouldn’t it? The iPad 2 was announced last week and after a years worth of lobbying from consumers Apple finally caved in and added not just one but […]

Should Google Monitor The Android Market For Users?

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With all the news about applications with malware hidden inside applications found on the Android market, some have been calling out for Google to become a little less lenient on what they let in to their official store and do some real vetting, but is it Google that needs to do this or should we […]

Lenovo Plans LePad 2

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Lenovo haven’t even launched their first tablet computer yet and they are already talking about launching an updated model later in the year! The 1Ghz, 10 inch screened LePad will be available later this month for roughly $500, but due to the recent release of the iPad 2 Lenovo now plan to launch an upgraded […]

Google Owns Up To ‘Zombie’ Malware Problem

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We all love the Android market for it open nature. The fact the developers can make applications quickly to whatever specifications they desire and upload them to the Android store is a great blessing and one which iOS users are green with envy about, but over the past few days Google had admitted to a […]

Get Free Music On Your Android Tablet

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A new app called We7 promises to bring free music to Android users via it’s in ad service. The new app is part of the We7 music streaming service pioneered by ex-Genesis band member Peter Gabriel. Unlike other music streaming apps the We7 app will download and cache a playlist meaning music is stored locally […]

10 Inch Wopad Now On Sale

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With all the big name companies bringing their own tablets out (Samsung, HTC, Motorola, Apple) it’s been easy to forget about Chinese tablet makers, the orginators of the Android tablet market! Android powered tablets have been available in China since before the iPad arrived on the seen, and judging by the specifications of some of […]

10 inch Wopad Android Tablet Hits The Market

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With news of big companies like Motorola, LG and HTC making a splash in the Android tablet market place, it’s been easy to get a bit mixed up in the excitement and forget about the lesser known Chinese tablets available. China was and still is the place to go if you want a budget Android […]

Does The Dawa D9 Have Enough To Take on The iPad?

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With the recent release of the iPad 2 came a much welcomed iPad price reduction. The original iPad now costs $150 less for the 16Gb model than it’s previous retail price in China, bringing the very popular tablet to a wallet pleasing 2888 Yuan. Not everyone is happy with this price drop however, and Chinese […]

Nintendo 64 Emulator For Android

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If you are anything like me you might occasionally enjoy drifting back off to the early 90’s and enjoy a bit of nostalgia by playing some classic games. This used to mean either dusting down your old games console and hoping that it will still work or download an emulator and enjoy all those old […]

Saab Unveils Android In Car Entertainment System

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Saab will soon be offering Android equipped entertainment systems built in to their luxury cars. The IQon in car entertainment system is likely to make use of Google Maps for navigation as well as email and media application, but could also be used to control more advanced functions on the car such as chassis handling, […]

Blackberry Playbook Available Late March at $399!

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Another post and yet another tablet rumor. The latest found over at BGR is that RIM’s tablet offering, the Blackberry Playbook will make its mark on the tablet market by the end of the month at an incredibly low price! The 7 inch Blackberry Playbook will run RIM’s own tablet OS, based on the Blackberry […]