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Wopad Production Models Spotted

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The Wopad is really generating a lot of interest. It’s one of the first Chinese made Android tablets to hit the market with an excellent capacitive screen and an extremely low price. Check below for the full spec and photos of a production model.

Flat Bay $150 Rubberized Tablet

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S-DM02 might not sound like the coolest device in the world and your unlikely to brag in the bar ‘My Flat Bay S-MD02 is better than your…” as no one will know what your talking about, but the HongKong based company have made a solid entry in to the tablet market.

Meizu M9 Firmware Get’s Ported To Run On M8 Ahead of Launch!

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As Meizu are busy gearing up to launch the M9 the hackers are busy playing with the M9’s leaked firmware and have ported it to work of their M8 phones. Someone managed to gain access to the as yet to be launched firmware and promptly uploaded the files to a Meizu forum. It didn’t take […]

Meizu M9 Caught on Video?

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Is this really a Meizu M9 caught on video or a clever hoax? Either way the home screen looks extremely crowded and the handset itself looks suspiciously thin! two dimensional almost! Video after the jump!

Malta zPad Loaded with Unity Game Engine Faster Than An iPad!

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The Malata zPad already had one ace in hand when we found out the Chinese tablet could run Flash 10 out of the box. Now, developers have got their hands on the Tegra 2 Android tablet and have loaded the Unity 3D game engine on to it. Unity is used to design many iPad and […]


Meizu M9 Will it Or Won’t It Launch Internationally?

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As you can probably see by this weeks myriad of Meizu M9 news we’re following the development of the soon to be launched smartphone extremely closely. The latest rumor I came across is that Meizu are planning to launch the M9 internationally, not now, but eventually. This came as a bit of a surprise to […]

Wopad 7 inch Android Tablet Video Review

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The guy’s over at have had some hands on time withe the Wopad 7” Android tablet with capacitive screen. They say the sub $200 device has double the battery life of other shanzhai tablets, has a great viewing experience and is definitely worth a look if your in the market for a cheap, good […]

More Meizu M9 ‘Spy’ Shots and Jack Wong Gets Touchy Over Texture

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If Meizu were a boat they would be in serious trouble with the amount of leaks they seem to have! The ‘spy’ shots this time around give us a pretty solid look at what the M9 will look like when it’s released on Christmas Day. More new Meizu M9 spy shots after the jump.

The Meizu M9 Melee Continues!

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More Meizu news this time in the form of some nice images (see below) of the sleek black device and that the M9 will officially support Flash video playback out of the box! Plus the official launch date looks to be set! It’s Christmas Day December 25th 2010 prices will start at  2499 Yuan ($375) […]

BYD’s Alice Tablet Gets Her ‘Close Up’

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The Alice tablet from BYD is no stranger to us at Gizchina, but she’s been elusive when it comes to her specification and a little camera shy, but today she’s ready for her ‘close up’

Meizu M9 Not Getting 3G?!

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Well, that could be the situation for customers outside of China ! It seems the M9 will only support 3G networks using the China standard WCDMA due to costs. So if you’re planning on getting an M9 and want 3G check your country supports the WCDMA standard or the town you’re in has a free […]

iOS Vs Android Vs Winows: Tablet O.S

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Tablets are the new Vogue computing device. They’re small enough to carry about in a bag but functional enough to take to the office or amuse a bored 4 year old, plus they’re easy enough for that 4 year old to use! Let’s take a look at the 3 most popular and easily used operating […]

Meizu M9II Spy Shots and Leaked Details

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The Meizu M9 is still waiting for it’s network license before it can enter the already crowded Chinese smartphone market, yet that hasn’t stopped the CEO Jack Wong talking about pricing, leaking screen shot images and now letting slip the next generation Meizu is already in the works!

Meizu M9 Price Plans

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The M9 has been a long time coming, but with a network license on the horizon CEO Jack Wong has been hitting up the forums again with detail on the M9’s planned pricing.

Meizu M9 Leaked Screen Shots

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Jack Wong, CEO of Meizu is alway happy to oblige with the odd spy shot or 2 of his companies latest creation. This time he’s posted up some screen shots of the latest Meizu M9 for the Meizu fan boys to lust over. More screen shots after the jump:

Latest HTC HD2 Clone Gets a Capacitive Screen

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This Shanzhai edition of the 4.3 inch screened HD2 was released earlier this year, but now has received a major upgrade. Where as the original HTC clone had a resistive touch screen and relied upon the use of a stylus to navigate the system, this newer model gains a fingertip friendly capacitive screen.

Top 8 Apple Clones This Year (so far!)

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It’s been a monster year for Apple and in turn the industry which has grown up around copy and cloning them. Keep reading to see our favourite iPad, Macbook Air, Macbook Pro and iPod clones from this year.

Flytouch Android Tab Sheds Logo and $120

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The Flytouch is no stranger to Gizchina. We reported on the plucky 7 inch Android tablet last month with a showdown between it and current tablet favourite the ePad. Back then we concluded the Flytouch was a much better buy at 1800 Yuan ($270) over the ePad, so imagine our surprise when we find the […]

Android iPhone 4 Clone Gives you the Best of Both Worlds: Video

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If I were to tell you of a place on Earth where Apple and Google co-exist in the same product you may well look at me doubtfully. If I then continued on and told you of a device which benefited from Apple’s aesthetically pleasing designs and Google’s open source mobile platform, Android, you would probably […]

Cool Technology ‘FroyoPad’ At least that’s what I’m calling it.

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So what makes this Cool Technology Froyo running tablet so cool? Well, the 800Mhz CPU is made by the same company who once made chips for Motorola, which is pretty cool. It comes installed with Android 2.2 Froyo, which makes me think of Frodo from ‘Lord of the Rings’ and then of giant fighting trees, […]