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My O.S is Faster Than Yours!

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According to Blaze, and software company who have been testing iOS 4.3 and Android 2.3, Google’s latest OS updates gives it’s mobile Chrome browser a 52% speed advantage over the iPhone’s when surfing fortune 1000 websites. Blaze discovered that 80% of the 1000 websites they tested opened up to 1 second faster on Android 2.3 […]

Android Violates Linux Open Source Agreements?

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Oh no, it looks as if someone has been doing some serious snooping and found that Google Inc. have either been very naughty or extremely clever! Android is based on the open source Linux operating system which itself is freely distributed under the GPL license. What this means is anyone wishing to can take the […]

Android 2.4 Ice Cream Sandwich As A Tablet O.S

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Android 3.0 aka Honeycomb is out now and will continue to be upgraded and will more than likely evolve in to 4.0 and 5.0 and so on, but what about the phone version of Android? Currently the phone issue of Android sits at version 2.3 (although it has yet to arrive on every device) and […]

China Starts Producing Tegra 2 Tablets

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This has come as quite a surprise to us at AOST! Last time we heard about the current state of Chinese made Android tablets we were left with the impression that local Chinese factories were unable to make tablets with higher end hardware due to price issues, but yet here we are introducing this Tegra […]

They’re Here! Chinese Tegra 2 Dual Core Android Tablets

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It looks like Apple’s iPad 2 will have more than just the upcoming Wi-Fi only Xoom and Blackberry Playbook to worry about if reports coming from Shenzhen are correct. News has it that there are a number of factories in the Chinese technological boom town working on Android tablets with dual-core Tegra 2 CPU’s and […]

Playbook Specs, Details, Launch Date and Price

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Check this out for a quadruple whamy of juicy Blackberry Playbook news! Detailed specs  of the upcoming 7 inch tablet, some nice feature details plus some news on price and possible launch. Let’s start with the specification which is to say the least pretty impressive. The Playbook, as most of you are probably well aware […]

Samsung Launches 4 and 5 inch Galaxy Players

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Not content with attacking the Apple iPad and iPhone, Samsung are now gunning for the ever popular iPod Touch with the releasing of 2 new multi-media Android based devices called Galaxy Players. The touch screen Android media players will come in both 4 and 5 inch screens and are designed especially for media consumption such […]

Blackberry Losses the Plot! Will Ship Playbook Sans 3G!

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Tablets are awesome personal devices which we can carry and use anywhere, more so when they are equipped with pocket friendly 7 inch screens. So when we here that Blackberry will be shipping it’s Playbook without the one component that will make it truly portable we don’t know if we should reach for the smelling […]

iPad 2 Shortages Gives the Xoom a Chance to Zoom

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Although the Xoom may have got off to a rather slow start must be a little disappointing for the mobile phone giant, but things might be brightening up and there is still a chance the Xoom will zoom off shelves. The first bit of good news is that the big ship Apple and it’s iPad […]

Malata ZPad T8 Fully Exposed

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The Malata ZPad pad T2 set Android fan all a flutter last year when it made headlines as being the first dual-core Android Tablet available to hit the market. Not only did it feature lightning faster graphics and super quick CPU but it also boasted the ablility to wup the iPad when launching games and […]

Next Generation Android Malata ZPad: Full Details

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Last year Malata surprised the world by being the first tablet manufacturer to launch a dual-core tablet. The Zpad thoroughly impressed all those who set hands and eyes on it, and we really couldn’t see how Malata would be able to improve such an amazing product. Fast forward to today and we are again surprised […]

Amazon’s Android App Store Cheaper Than Googles?

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That’s what it certainly looks like if these accidentally posted applications found over at are anything to go by. were snooping around Amazon’s website recently and managed to find a a bunch Android applications which seemingly look to have been accidentally added to the site before it’s official launch. The applications, 41 in […]

HTC Readying a 10 inch Tablet

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We all expected HTC to be one of the first big manufacturers to pounce in to the Android Tablet market, but the Taiwanese smart phone giant has been surprisingly quiet, or are HTC just lulling us in to a false sense of security? According to a recently released Staples brochure, HTC have a 10 inch […]

Samsung Galaxy Tablet 10 To Get Go On a Diet Before Release?

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Samsung are a funny bunch. Instead of dising on competitors tablets and pointing our the flaws in what their rivals have done, they have actually been vocal and critical about their own upcoming devices! Samsung was preparing to launch it 10 inch bigger brother to the 7” Galaxy Tablet, but after seeing what Apple have […]

HP Revamping It’s App Market

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No matter how much we love our Android phones and tablets, we really deep down inside feel a little ashamed of the Android market. The applications in the market aren’t the problem though, its the Market Application itself! Why are Google able to build the best search engine for the web, but can’t produce a […]

iPad 2 Owners Complain Of Back Light ‘Bleeding’

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Things aren’t as rosy as they seem out at camp iPad as customers have started to notice and complain about a problem with the tablet’s LCD panel. Owners of the latest generation iPad have noticed a ‘bleeding’ or leaking of light around the outer edges of the LCD panel. The problem, not to be confused […]

Android 2.3 Spotted On Meizu M9 And Its Super Fast!

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The Meizu M9 smart phone is no slouch as it is currently available running Android 2.2, but these images spotted over at a Chinese Meizu forum show that are favorite Chinese smart phone is going to get a good dose of super charging once its 2.3 Gingerbread update ships! The images below were taken by […]

Samsung Galaxy 10 Gives Inspiration To Another Knock-off Tablet

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Samsung may well be a little disappointed with its latest 10 inch Android tablet, the Galaxy 10, but that hasn’t stopped a clone of it popping up in super fast time! The 10inch capacitive screened unit (also available in a resistive screened version) gets the standard Android tablet treatment, in that it get’s Android 2.2 […]

HP Cans Plans For Android Tablet

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Although it’s upsetting to here that HP are canceling plans to produce an Android tablet it does make perfect business sense. HP now own Palm and their WebOS platform and since the accuasition of the struggling smartphone maker, has created the HP Slate, one of the slickest looking tablet devices we’ve set eyes on. For […]

Android App Numbers Gaining on Apple’s App Store

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Business Insider published information this week detailing the difference in application numbers available for Apple iOS devices and Android running devices and while the gap still looks pretty huge (100,000 applications more in the App store) the numbers are decreasing at an alarmingly (for Apple) fast pace.