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Which 5 Mega-pixel Smart Phone Took These Photos?

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It’s becoming more and more common for people to turn to their smart-phones now to catch those memorable moments rather than point and shoot cameras. So which 5 mega-pixel smartphone took these great looking pictures? I’ll give you a clue it’s Chinese, but not a Meizu….. More images after the break.

Triple Boot Evolve III Maestro Tablet On The Way

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If your not content with running just one or two operating systems on your tablet then this triple boot tablet from Australia might be right up your street!

Cheap and Original Android Phones Coming From China

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Not everything from the Shenzhen markets is a fake or clone of some other brand, take a look at this sample Android Smart-phone spotted over at micdigi for example.

Meizu M9 ROM Hacked To Run On HTC Evo 4G

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Looks like I’m not the only one who thinks Meizu’s UI is as slick as an icy driveway covered in butter and body oil. The ever resourceful developers over on the HTC Evo forums have managed to get the Meizu M9’s Rom running on their HTC handsets. Not everything is working out of the box […]

Chinese Made Netbook Tablet Hybrids Expected To Launch This Year

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At CES this year the much awaited Lenovo IdeaPad hybrid netbook tablet was shown off once again to the eager crowds. The little netbook acts as a Windows 7 netbook when combined with the screen, but when separated the screen acts a stand alone Android tablet. The concept is awesome, but the estimated price is […]

First Look: Samsung Galaxy Tab Clone

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The Galaxy Tab has been on the market for quite a few months now, but compared to the iPad it’s seeing relatively little success (at least in China anyway). The reason for this poor show is nothing to do with the device but rather its ridiculously high price tag of 6500 Yuan ($985)! Thankfully, however […]

Confirmed: Meizu M9 To Get Android 2.3

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If you didn’t think the Meizu M9 was sweet enough you won’t have long to wait to give it a little sugar as Meizu are planning to release Android 2.3 Gingerbread to the smartphone. More details after the jump.

China’s Telecom Association Claims Meizu M9 Launch Day Queues Were Staged

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January 1st saw the launch of the most anticipated Chinese smartphone since the Meizu M8! The Meizu M9! The M9 launch had people queueing outside local Meizu dealers from as early as 6am in the morning on freezing January mornings. The local and international press posted images of hundreds of Meizu fans queueing for a […]

ZTELight 7 inch Tablet Sells 200,000 in 2 Months!

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Wow, these sales figures may not be up to Apple standard, but for relative new comer (in foreign markets) to sell tablets in these numbers is pretty outstanding. Outstanding sales usually means one of 2 things low price or an excellent product! So, which do ZTE have? Check out full details after the jump.

The Current State Of 10 inch Android Tablets

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Not afraid to tell it how it is, AndroidOS Tablets have posted another article in their series of ‘Buying Wiki’s’. The latest post is all about Android tablet size and in this case highlights the 10” tablet in it’s current guise. Head over to the AOST website to read the full post.

Exclusive: Sneaky Spy Pic Of Herokin’s New Tablet

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Herokin are a well established maker of tablets of both Windows and Android ilk, and are most famous for their Winpad 10 inch capacitive Window’s running tablet with netbook innards, however they now have this very smart looking 8 inch tablet up their sleeves.

What Has Dual Cores a 7 Inch Touch Screen and 20 Hours of Standby

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The iPad 2? Ha ha! No! We spotted this 7 inch touch screened beasty on a website today and we’re pretty excited about their very bold claims.

Watch Out Android Tablets iPad 2 Is Going to Make Waves

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This isn’t going to be an Android Tablet bashing post, but rather a precautionary word in your shell like (ear, if you’re not familiar with cockney slang).

More M2 SmartPad Images and Details

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The M2 is really getting out and about and flaunting it’s stuff. This is the third time we’ve caught it in front of the camera but its the first time we’ve had a good look at the great looking iOS styled U.I.

Android Tablet Buying WIKI

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Have you had the sudden urge to pick yourself up an Android powered tablet? Well before you reach for the credit card and starting bidding on Ebay for the latest 7,8 or 10 inch Android tablet check out this series of helpful guides over at The first is all about the importance of getting […]

If Mr. T Had An 8 inch Android Tablet This Would Be It!

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If you clicked on this link expecting to see an Android tablet dripping with gold medallions and sporting a Mohican then your going to be a little disappointed!

The iPoo (insert toilet joke here) Android Tablet

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When the Nintendo Wii was finally unveiled with it’s hilarious name I really thought there would be no device to ever top the Wii from the top of toilet themed comedy charts. Looks like I was wrong! Enter the iPoo!

Watch out Galaxy Tab Here Comes Synrgic’s Dreambook W7

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Synrgic are carving a name for themselves in the tablet world. Instead of following the rest of the Chinese factories down the busy clone and Shanzhai path, Synrgic have designed a great looking range of tasty tablets. Today we going to take a look at the Synergic Dreambook W7 Full details and images after the […]

SimPad Dual Core 8inch Android Tablet

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I’m not going to tar this 8 inch Android tablet with the iPad clone brush. It does have an iPad ‘feel’ granted, but the SimPad’s great looking UI coupled with the excellent looking specification is worth more than the ‘clone’ tag.

Owen oPad Get’s AigoPad Looks at a Much Lower Price

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Owen electronics seem to have come to our aid and brought us a tablet with the looks of the gorgeous AigoPad but with the price of a regular Shanzhai tablet. More details after the jump!