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Motorola Xoom Not So Fly

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The poor old Motorola Xoom has been plauged with teeth troubles since it’s launch. From buggy Honeycomb OS to lack of Flash at launch, to a complete lack in third party app support! The Xoom is struggling. It’s not just on the performance and usability front that the first ever Honeycomb tablet is stuggling though […]

More Dual Boot Tablet Goodness!

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dual boot android windows tablet

Chinese manufacturers seem to have sensed the change of times at Google towers and before the developers of Android decided to keep hold of their first ever tablet optimized Android OS, the engineers in Shenzhen had turned their attention to tablets running both Windows 7 and Android 2.2/2.3.

G Five’s Dual Boot WisPad is Hilariously Sexy!

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g five wispad dual boot tablet windows android

G Five are a brand of misfits if this beautiful Windows 7/Android 2.2 dual boot tablet is anything to go by! The engineers seem to know what they’re doing as this super thin 9.7 inch screened tablet can boot in to either Windows 7 for some ‘serious’ computing, or can boot in to Android Froyo […]

7 inch IPS Screen Android Tablet with Gingerbread

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7inch ips android tablet android 2.3 gingerbread prototype

IPS technology was first seen in tablets with the launch of the original iPad, but it has taken this long for IPS screen technology prices to drop enough to make it financially viable for Chinese factories to use them. This is the first ever 7 inch screened IPS tablet we’ve seen, and while this is […]

Google Hints At Next Android Release

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This weekend Google continued its regular celebration of inventors and inventions. This weekend saw Google replace the normal Google logo for an ice-cream sundae logo. Google explained that the logo is to celebrate the 119th anniversary of the invention of the popular ice-cream, nuts and fudge desert, but some are not so sure. Android and […]

Gooapple iPhone 4 Clone Video, Pricing and Release Date

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The gooapple has a very cheaky boot up animation

We posted news a couple of days ago about the Gooapple phone, a phone that not only mimics the external look of the iPhone 4, but is also likely to set  Apples legal team off in a fully fledged attack due to the blatant use of the Apple logo. Keep reading for more info and […]

HTC Flyer WILL Get Honeycomb…. Eventually!

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HTC have been on Twitter this week answering questions to concerned future HTC Flyer owners, who are worried that the 7 inch tablet which will ship with Android Gingerbread aka 2.3 won’t get a Honeycomb upgrade. However HTC have been quick to respond explaining that once the Honeycomb source code is made available to them […]

Android To Over Take iPad Before The End of the Year

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The iPad might be the king of tablet town now, but some experts predict that Apple could loose their dominant position in the tablet market as early as 2012! Sascha Pallenberg, an expert on technology and market shares, states that due to just the sheer numbers of manufacturers releasing Android tablets over the next few […]

Google Rushed Out Honeycomb!

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Google are saying that one of the reasons they are planning to cling on to the Honeycomb source code for the time being is because they rushed the build of the latest Android OS out to meet deadlines for the Motorola Xoom launch. Andy Rubin, vice president of engineering at Google states that to meet […]

The Gooapple iPhone 4 Clone Takes Shanzhai To a Whole New Level

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The Gooapple booting up

  UPDATE: Read part 1 of our GooApple 3G Vs. iPhone 4 Showdown here. We’ve seen plenty of iPhone 4 clones over the year. Some are good and others not so, but for the past few months we’ve seen an increasing number of very high quality iPhone 4 clones with great cameras, hardware and even […]

Did LG Just Clone the Meizu M9?

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the new big LG optimus looks alot like the meizu m9

We can’t wait to hear what the ever vocal CEO of Meizu, Jack Wong, has to say about LG’s latest addition to the Optimus range of Android phones!

Yayee Android vPad Tablet Readying For Launch

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vpad android 2.2 tablet looks alot like an ipad

Just when you thought there couldn’t possibly be another original iPad coming out now the iPad 2 is available, the Yayee vPad jumps up in front of you and slaps you around the face with its machined alloy body!

Playstation Games Now Available in the Android Store

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14 inch macbook air clone back

Five Sony Playstation titles have launched on Google’s Android app store this week. The games including  Syphon Filter, MediEvil and Cool Boarders 2, became available on Thursday at the rather great price of $6.38 each. The short list of games will undoubtedly grow substantionally once the Sony Ericsson Xperia PLAY, the first Playstation phone, becomes […]

In App Billing Comes to Android

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Why are so many people getting all excited about news that Android now get’s in app billing? Surely that’s just another way for developers to suck away our money? We’ll you could think about it that way or you could look at it another! Finally we can purchase comics, books, add ons through are current […]

Firefox 4 Comes to Android

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Android is pretty blessed when it comes to great applications. As users of the little droid OS we get to take full advantage of Adobe’s Flash video and game player and now we’re getting another great app! Morzilla the makers of the hugely popular multi-platform Firefox web browser have just released an Android version available […]

Adobe Working On Full Photoshop App For iOS

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Adobe’s PS Express app (Photoshop) is to be fair a little lame! It only allows users to crop, rotate and change certain levels to users images, it’s pretty disappointing considering it comes from the developers who made the word the word ‘Photoshop’ a verb! Thankfully Adobe have seen the light and are currently working on […]

Dillo Hills Free Download

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‘Dillo Hills’ is a great gravity controlled game and we have links for a free download! You play as one of four tiny little critter who dream of soaring through the air, however these guys (a turtle, an armadillo, a penguin and squirrel) weren’t blessed with the power of flight, so they have to make […]

The ‘Good’ Type of Android Malware!?

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imac clone

As Android users the words malware, virus and good generally don’t go hand in hand, but like everything in life there is an exception to the rule. The exception in this case is an Android virus called Android.Walkinwat. The specially designed trojan isn’t out to steal your credit card numbers or email passwords, instead this […]

LePad Launched And 3 More Lenovo Tablets On the way!

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lepad launched lepad 2 and 3 coming soon

Lenovo after month of teasing us with their tablet offering the LePad Android tablet, have finally launched the 10 inch machine to compete with Apple’s iPad and the slew of domestically made machines.

White Dropad Android Tablet Coming Soon

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white dropad android tablet

The Dropad originally grabbed our attention a few months ago for looking like an over-sized iPhone 4! The 7 inch Android tablet has some pretty great features including a 1Ghz CPU, 512Mb RAM a capacitive touch screen with a 800 x 480 resolution, a front facing camera plus a whole load of expansion options including […]