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The makers of Remix OS return with a brand new Mini PC

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Most of you should be familiar with Remix OS by now, but here’s the rundown for those of you who don’t know what flavour of cake that is. Remix OS is a customized version of Android Lollipop built to look and function just like a normal desktop OS. It has a Windows-esque multitasking system, a […]

Video: MIJUE presents their new T500 boasting MT6752

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mijue tt500

This year the mid-range market in China was stormed by several powerful devices, but this does not mean that there is no room for more! MIJUE, a very new player, presents their 64bit MIJUE T500. The new device comes to compete with devices already launched in the segment, such as Elephone P7000, Mlais M7 and Zeaplus […]

Xiaomi condemns counterfeits like biggest culprits for low sales.

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Xiaomi the more influent Chinese smartphone company who become the first on china sales, now faces a very familiar enemy of the bigger ones. Counterfeits. Last year Xiaomi announced the Mi Power Bank battery pack for smartphones and tablets, for a very low price, the product has been highly accepted and the company expected to […]

Zeaplus Nut, a neat little tag for tracking your belongings

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zeaplus nut

After teasing two phones, startup Zeaplus have created a video for a neat little smart tracker for keeping tabs on your belongings.

Chinese start-up ECOO plan to launch 699 Yuan octacore phone with 1080 display

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ecoo chinese phone startup

We’ve seen plenty of challenges made on the Xiaomi Redmi, but few have actually managed to knock the device from the top of the mid-range podium, but now ECOO are here and have some big ideas.

Viro, the smartphone with green tech, vanishes from the web

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viro phone

A few days ago we posted news about Viro, a smartphone startup which made outlandish claims to battery life. Unsurprisngly the company seems to have completely disappeared now from the web.

OnePlus CEO Pete Lau takes the Ice Bucket Challenge

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oneplus ice bucket

CEO of smartphone start-up OnePlus, Pete Lau, has taken the Ice Bucket challenge and challenges 3 more of China’s tech bigwigs.

China launches its own “Oculus Rift” thanks to Kickstarter

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antvr tech in asia

Chinese start-up ANTVR has managed to raise $260,000 to produce its own Oculus Rift rival.

IUNI U2 launches with ultra-pixel front camera, Snapdragon 800 for $290

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iuni u2 launch beijing

Chinese phone start-up IUNI launched the IUNI U2 today, a phone which might give the OnePlus One a run for it’s money!

OnePlus trolls the competition with latest campaign. Which do you like best?

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OnePlus’s Never Settle philosophy has gained the young company a reputation among fans for not pulling any punches. There latest rival bashing campaign is perfect proof of this!

Keybee First Look: One Handed Typing, But How Easy Is It To Ditch QWERTY?

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The Keybee keyboard has launched after being in development since 2012. We take a closer look at it and see if it really is a better way to type on a touchscreen.

Pete Lau posts OnePlus One will cost less than $500!

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OnePlus logo

If you were looking for some great news to start of the day then Pete Lau, founder and CEO of China’s OnePlus has it for you!

Xiaomi’s new offices have a cafe, customer center, slide and wooden houses!

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xiaomi office

Xiaomi’s new offices are nearing completion and as an early sneak peak they have released some photos of the inside.

Game Over Flappy Bird! Developer says he will remove the game from the app store

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In an astonishing development, it has been learnt that Dong Nguyen, developer of the addictive (?) Flappy Bird title will soon be taking the game off the Google Play Store.

OnePlus says they have created the best looking phone on the market

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Hardware startup OnePlus have really started to start the hype machine up over on their Facebook page this week, their latest post claiming that they have created the most attractive phone yet!

HTC reportedly stumped by OnePlus’ ‘One+’ trademark!

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OnePlus logo

Taiwanese smartphone giant HTC might just find themselves in a fix after trademark filing by comparatively lesser-known manufacturer.

Startup BeLuvv hopes to make the world a safer place with the Guardian child tracker

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beluvv guardian

Taiwanese based tech startup BeLuvv have taken on the admirable task of making the world a safer place one child at a time with the Guardian smart accessory and cloud app.

Easily ROOT, and flash your phone with Shuame one-click flash ROOT tool

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shuame english hero

Chinese software company Shuame are developing an English version of their tool to allow international users to easily ROOT and flash their Android phones.

Spiri, a hackable flying robot on Kickstarter now!

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Have you ever fancied your own programable flying robot? Well now here is your chance with the Spiri Kickstarter.

Xiaomi now a $10 Billion company!

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xiaomi lei jun

To think that Chinese phone start-up only began shipping phones in 2010 its amazing to learn today the company is already worth $10 Billion!