Retro Looking Gpad 701

It looks like the designers of the Gpad 701 went back in time to the 80’s, looked at what we thought the future would look like then designed there Android powered tablet to reflect those rather bland expectations.
The Gpad uses a very cheap 7 inch touch screen which relies on a stylus for touch input (very retro) to operate the Android 2.1 system. This coupled with the open source O.S has helped to produce a tablet which costs only a little more than 1000 Yuan!!
For that rather cheap price you do get some nice features such as HDMI Out, Mini SD card reader plus mini USB connector.
The processor is clocked at 720 Mhz, but only 256mb of ram means graphic intense apps might run a little choppy.
Connectivity is available through Wifi and 3G meaning you can look retro where ever you go!

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