22 iPhone 5 Posts Everyone Waiting for the next iPhone Needs To Read!

iPhone clones, knock-off’s and rumors are in full production as are the real iPhone 5, more than likely.
Here’s a quick round up of all the iPhone news we’ve covered over the past few months.

iPhone 5 on Sale in China!

Back in January our first tit-bit of iPhone 5 news was posted. Chinese vendors on Chinese version of Ebay, Taobao, had already started to post iPhone 5’s on for sale.

The listing only displayed images of a concept iPhone 5, yet the crafty vendor was asking for 7000 Yuan ($1062) for the privalige of owning the imaginary phone!

iPhone 5 Specifications Leaked

Again in January of this year we also got to see our first ‘leaked’ iPhone specification! Despite being ‘leaked’ 7 months before we expect to see the next generation iPhone some of the claimed hardware still seems pretty spot on now, as does the concept design!

iPhone 5 concpt leaked
This concept art looks a lot like the current crop of clones, which also happens to be most peoples expectation for what the iPhone 5 will really look like.

Some of the highlights included:

  • Apple A5 CPU clocked at 1.5GHZ.
  • 8 mega-pixel camera.
  • iOS5.

Was the iPhone 5 outed way back in January? If so remember who had news first!

iPhone 5 Guts Photographed!

iphone 5 components leaked
iPhone 5 charger componets leaked

A few months later, the early birds of Shenzhen had already started to sell what they claimed to be spare internal parts for the iPhone 5 on Alibaba.com.

More leaked iPhone 5 images and A5 dual core rumors

Japanese blog Macotakara, the first site to actually post images of the iPad 2 before its launch, posted this concept image of the iPhone 5. Going off their previous track record, and the fact the concept looks like all those clones, we tend to agree that this is the iPhone 5.

iPhone 5 images
Japanese blog Macotakara leaked this image of the iPhone 5 in March.

Also in the report was news that the iPhone 5 will get a dual core A5 CPU, iOS 5, better cameras and a more back to a plastic and alloy body.

iPod 5 Touch Screen hints at iPhone 5’s increased size

iPhone 5 Touch Screen Leaked
iPhone 5 touch screen looks a little bigger than the iPhone 4’s

As Apple usually give their iPhone’s and iPod Touch’s similar updates from year to year, this supposed iPod Touch 5 touch screen gives us some evidence that the iPhone 5 will get more screen real-estate and a thinner surround.

Fake iPhone 5 Caught on Video

fake iphone 5 hands on video
The first time we got to see the knock-off iPhone 5

The first time we got a video look at the now extremely popular iPhone 5 knock-off!

Apple Switches to Taiwan CPU supplier

In February we got our first hint that all wasn’t as rosy as we thought between Apple and the Korean electronics manufacturing giant Samsung.

iphone 5 concept and box
iphone 5 concept and box

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company is taking over CPU manufacturing duties, and there are claims that the new iPhone will get the A5 CPU.

Apple’s iPhone 5 Will get a 1.5Ghz Apple A5 CPU and OLED Screen

The A5 seems to be confirmed, but in what speed we don’t yet know. This is the second rumor suggesting the iPhone 5 will run at 1.5Ghz, what’s more are claims that the screen on the next generation iPhone 5 will be a 3.7 inch OLED capacitive touch screen.

Korean SK Telecom Say the iPhone 5 will launch in July! Get is totally wrong!

white iPhone 5 picture leaked
A look at what a white iPhone 5 might look like!

As time has passed this year some of the rumors we have reported have gone past their deadline, like this one from Korea’s SK Telecom which suggested the iPhone 5 would launch on July 5th.

iPhone 5’s are in Trial Production


iphone 5 in metal finish
A metal backed iPhone 5 is expected

China Times reported that the fifth generation iPhone is in trail production at this very moment in time and will go in to pull production in the third quarter of this year meaning  the iPhone 5 would launch sometime this summer complete with 4 inch screen and NFC chip.

Another pluasable iPhone 5 Leak or was it the clone all along?

iphone 5 leak back
Is this the back of the iPhone 5?

The outward appearance of what was claim to be the iPhone 5 will take on a completely new appearance according to these images of what we think the iPhone 5 will look like.

iPhone 5 cases available as early as March!

iphone 5 cases leaked
iPhone 5 cases hit the market in March

Believe it or not but iPhone 5 cases were on the market as early as March this year. But it seemed some blogs didn’t think the time was right to hype up news of the new iPhone!

China Unicom Makes Way For iPhone 5

iPhone 4 scalpers
Scalpers and China Unicom shift iPhone 4’s by the dozen!

China Unicom and Apple stores in Shanghai begin selling iPhone 4’s without restrictions, despite Apple’s China website claiming the company no longer had stock.

Chinese iPhone 5 parts suppliers gearing up for May!

iphone 5 in production
Is the iPhone 5 already in production

Yes, we know that May has been and gone, but all that means is that the iPhone 5 could already be in full production somewhere in China now!

iPhone 6 Rumor Start!


iphone 6 concept
iPhone 6 rumors kick off even before the iPhone 5 launches!

Apparently Apple have received sample screens from Japanese manufacture Sharp which may well find their way on to the iPhone 6 and iPad 3.
The new Sharp screens will be much thinner than the current Retina displays while also being lighter and much brighter.

iPhone 5’s and the iPad 3 To be made by robots?

iphone 5 coming this fal ipad 3
Are Apple planning a dual launch of iPad 3 and iPhone 5?

Rumors about Apple breaking away from their traditional launch cycle have been floating about since before the iPad 2 surfaced, but the latest rumors suggest iPad 3 will launch this fall with iPhone 5 and Apple will discontinue iPad 2 soon after!

Apple Employee Seen Out Testing iPhone 5


is this the iphone 5
Could this be an Apple employee with an iPhone 5?

An avid Apple fan managed to take this spy photo of what appears to be an Apple employee using an iPhone 5 on the train ride home from work!

iPhone(y) 5 Launched in China

hands on video iphone 5
iPhoney 5 clone prooves popular in China

The latest rumor is that the iPhone 5 MAY ship at the end of September, but the impatient Shenzhen guys have jumped the gun again and already launched an iPhone 5 clone!

iPhone 5 Coming in September

iphone 5 website leaked
A clever hoax of an iPhone 5 test page hidden on Apple’s website

A date finally arrives on the rumor mill. September 7th is when we should expect the next generation iPhone on September 7th, but will it be an iPhone 5 or an iPhone 4s?

iPhone 4GS Spotted on The Chinese Grey Market

iphone 4gs found in China
Is this the packaging of the next generation iPhone 4GS?

Is this the real next generation iPhone? The iPhone 4GS! This is not the first time we have stumbled across an Apple product breaking cover and heading for the grey markets of China before its official launch!

China Telecom getting iPhone 5 and iPhone 4s in October

China Telecom budget iphone
A Chinese report claims China Telecom will get the iPhone 5 and budget iPhone 4 this September!

According to a report on Chinese website Sohu.com, Apple and China Telecom have to an agreement to bring not 1 but 2 new iPhones to Chinese buyers this October.

China Mobile ‘Confirms’ Next iPhone To Be 4G

iPhone 5 getting 4 inch screen metal body
Will the next iphone look like this?

China Mobile claims that it has reached an agreement with Apple to bring to bring its 4th generation TD-LTE mobile data connection to the next generation iPhone.


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