The UMi X1 is a cheaper slimmer JiaYu G3!

So the JiaYu G3 has become the must have phone for a lot of people due to the low price and excellent specification, but with JiaYu not yet having a network licences even those of us with preorders could be waiting a while for our G3’s to arrive! So how about a JiaYu G3 alternative?

The UMi X1 offers the same great specification as the JiaYu G3 but in a slimmer Xiaomi M1 inspired body! In fact if you wanted to some up the UMi X1’s design I would have to say it looks like a Xiaomi M1s Ninja!

But it’s the hardware we care about with these low cost Chinese super phones, so what does the UMi X1 have to offer? Well if you know the spec of the JiaYu G3 you already know the UMi X1’s specification, if you don’t it looks a little like this.

mui x1 dual-sim android phone china

A dual-core MediaTek MTK MT6577 CPU, 1GB RAM 4GB ROM, 8 mega-pixel rear camera, 2 mega-pixel front camera, and dual-sim support all stuffed in to a rather good-looking 8.5mm thin body!

As most G3 customers are concerned with screen size and resolution I can put you’re mind at ease and report that the UMi X1 offers the same numbers as the JiaYu G3, meaning you get a 4.5 inch display with a retina like resolution of 1280 x 720!

mui x1 dual-sim android phone china

So what we have here is basically a JiaYu G3 but packed in to a much much thinner, and some would argue, more stylish body, so are there any disadvantages to buying the UMi X1 over the G3? We’ll yes there is at least one!

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As the body of the UMi X1 is so thin it is physically impossible for it to have a huge 2750 mAh battery like the G3, and instead has a much smaller 1750 mAh battery, which isn’t going to last as well through the day!

However what the UMi X1 lacks in battery life it makes up in low price and is actually priced a little cheaper than the G3 in China at 888 Yuan ($139) and as this phone hasn’t seen as much excitement on the web as the G3, many online resellers are advertising the X1 much cheaper than the comparable UMi phone!

mui x1 dual-sim android phone china

So if you want to be a little different and grab a bargain while still getting JiaYu G3 levels of performance take a look at the UMi X1!

You can visit the official UMi X1 site here.

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