Camera Comparison: OnePlus One vs. OPPO Find 5 vs. Nikon D3100

If there has to be one reason why I would give up my Find 5 for a OnePlus One, it has to be the camera. As it stands, I cannot afford to go places with a DSLR, and the Find 5 isn’t good enough more often than not. OnePlus have been highly vocal about their first outing, especially about the camera which apparently is going to be one among the best.

Martinrm of the OnePlus forums, who managed to get his hands on a OnePlus One camera testing unit, posted the comparison on the forums some time back, and the results should bring a smile to your face.

Find 5 vs. OnePlus One vs. Nikon D3100 camera comparison

Order (left to right): Find 5, OnePlus One, and Nikon D3100

Pictures from the OnePlus One, in all honesty, look quite impressive for a smartphone. At times, as you might have noticed, colours seem to pop out a little extra giving you a feeling of exaggerated colours. What I like the most is the sense of depth in the pictures, which is clearly lacking in those taken on the Find 5.

Another huge advantage the OnePlus One camera seems to have over the Find 5 is the amount of noise in low-light pictures. Compared to the Find 5, the OnePlus One does incredibly well and isn’t too far from the quality of an entry-level DSLR. For more pictures, you can head over to the OnePlus One forums where the thread was originally found.

Smartphone manufacturers really seem to want consumers to get rid of standalone cameras. An infant company such as OnePlus managing to pull off something like this only makes you ponder what the big guns are capable of, and why they aren’t light years ahead already.

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