More OnePlus 3 photos if you haven’t had enough (plastic case included)

OnePlus is all set to announce the OnePlus 3 in just over a week. The phone has, however, been a victim of a plethora of leaks that have left nearly nothing to the imagination of the prospective buyer.

We’ve seen the phone from almost all angles, including pictures where the phone was covered with a Shinchan figure. If that wasn’t enough (it never is for prospective buyers, I’m told), here are some more pictures of the device, this time sporting a plastic case.

It seems to me as though the phone will come with the case included in the box. After all, a lot of companies are doing it and it’s genuinely a nice touch to have one right in the box.

The OnePlus 3 is all set to launch as OnePlus’ first Snapdragon 820 phone, with possibly up to 6GB of RAM. Besides, it’s rumoured to have a starting price of $349. Anyway, take a look at the pictures below.

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